We are hooked up with too many things in our daily life; cell phones, multiple accounts emails, blogs, internet, etc. To celebrate my 36th birthday, which was yesterday March 14th, I decided to stop carrying my cell phone with me all the time. I will still be using it but not to answer every single call. I sent an email to my friends informing them about my new decision. I know it does not make sense to the majority of the people but I am trying this for a while just to see if I am better off this way or not.

Also, I wish there is a way to block all those stupid emails from people I know about a new hadith that is discovered out of a sudden and that I should forward it to as many people as possible or else I will be damned.


7 thoughts on “36

  1. i wonder how long that will last.. believe me, we are too hooked up that we can’t resist these technologies for so long.. but, good luck!
    Happy Birthday, too! 😀


  2. I feel pretty good and free when I abstain from the computer, all internet communication,and even TV… but not my cell phone though. It stands for different things, it’s a primary way of keeping in touch with the people in my REAL WORLD!

    Happy 36th!


  3. Asoom,
    You are right about the importance of keeping in touch with the real world. But I am trying not to be available or within reach 24/7. Thanks for the wishing.


  4. mmmmmm i know its too late but happy birthday .. its my first time 2 visit yr blog wnshalla it won’t be the last …
    i think u took a great decision coz cell phones are stealing all our privacy !! we cant be or stay alone ever !! and if we turned it off omg sho mmkn yseeeer !! awl she b7koo ebsr wen kayn !!!


  5. I hear you seriously being on call 24/7 has been getting on my nerves I think its a very irritating why can’t you just be unavailable if you can would that be that bad??????


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