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Social Networking Websites and the Future

One of the many reasons USA is leading the world is the way they continuously try to close the gap between the young generation and the adult generation. Social networking websites such as MySpace, FaceBook, YouTube, and twitter all started with the young generation in mind but boomed, exponentially, when the older generation started to adapt to this new era of communication.

In 2008, the strong support of the young was one of the keys for Mr. Barack Obama to the White House.

“Fending off accusations of apathy, youth voters turned out to the presidential election in historic numbers, exceeding the turnout of their grandparents’ generation and swinging at least two states for President-elect Barack Obama.” [link]

The Americans knew the power of the young so they tried hard to reach them wherever they are. In the new era of communication, the young were hanging around the social networking websites. Intuitively, the adult moved there as well. Nowadays, many celebrities and world leaders like Barack Obama ( ) tweets on twitter.

The young generation is the future. The closer the gap between the young and the adult, the smarter we become. Unfortunately, in the Arab world the only tone we hear from the adult is that the young are slackers and astray. Even if we don’t like some or many of their behaviors they are the one who will find solutions for problems we caused and they are the one who will continue building this life on earth. Instead of just preaching let us listen to them and hear what they have to say. The link between the future and the young is intelligently described by Christa McAuliffe who was a teacher and one of seven crew members killed in the Space Shuttle Challenger (1986): “I touch the future. I teach.” Teaching is a great process that requires speaking [to the students] and listening [from them]. Without this two-way communication the process of teaching is doomed.


2 thoughts on “Social Networking Websites and the Future

  1. In Egypt this Gap is never going to get smaller I mean I am able to talk to my parents and other senior people but they are unable to understand where I am coming from most of the time and regard me as either a nuisance kid or a strange adult..
    Do you really see hope for this gap to close down a bit?


  2. Sara , sorry for the delay. I am busy with finals. One more week to go.
    Regarding your question. There is always hope. We learned from the history of mankind that things change. Nations which used to be at the top are at the bottom now and vice-versa. It is up to the nation to decide how long they want to be at top or how fast they want to go to the top. Speaking about the Muslims or the Arabs we are way down. Hopefully, the new generation has a better chance to understand the world.


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