Life in America

Kemah, Texas

Back to reality, back to work. I came back from a one week trip to Houston, Texas. While I was there I visited Kemah, a very beautiful place and full of life. Here are some pictures.


3 thoughts on “Kemah, Texas

  1. I took a girlfriends trip to houston and we had a day at Kemah. It’s funny cause I have some of your exact same pictures lol. We did some shopping, rode the speed boat, and had some good seafood but I can’t remember the name of that restaurant.

    Glad you had fun!


  2. Haitham, thanks.
    assom, the speed boat was the most fun. I think the seafood place you are talking about is Landry’s seafood, delicious but expensive for my student budget. I was lucky I didn’t pay the bill.


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