Life in America

My first plumbing work

bidetBefore you leave Jordan be informed that some countries don’t use bidet. The US is one of those countries [1]. While visiting Houston I found the cool and warm water bidet DIY-102. Since there is a huge Arab and Muslim community in Houston this bidet is a fast seller in the Arab shops. Although, I am very happy to finally got this thing I am proud that I installed it by myself. I saved at least $60 the amount charged by a plumber for a one hour work. My gratitude to the French for inventing the bidet [2].

bidet DIY-102: $70

installation: free

going green and clean: priceless

[1] Some countries are especially known for having bidets: South Korea, Japan, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela, India, and the Middle East. [wikipedia & wikihow]


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