Assume nothing

In America” is an Irish movie that I watched in 2004 but I still remember the following scene. It is a conversation that is stuck in my memory because of the intensity of that moment.

Man #1 [angry]: Do you wanna be me? Do you wanna be in my place?

Man #1: You’re dying. I’m sorry.

Man #2: I wish.

Man #1: Are you in love with her? Are you in love with her?

Man #2: No. I’m in love with you. And I’m in love with your beautiful woman. And I’m in love with your kids. And I’m even in love with your unborn child. I’m even in love with your anger! I’m in love with anything that lives!

Lesson learned: We should always value what we have and live the moment. Life is really, really short!


6 thoughts on “Assume nothing

  1. and that what i was recognizing and fill my mind with … that each one of us own a valuable life between the hands … what we all need is reaching the point and thank god for every thing he gave, if we lose sth from our usual life (which we may call it Boring Routine), then we get angry and may be sad .
    Living the moment as u said is what we all want to make every moment a great moment :), thanks for the scene


  2. ohh i felt sory for that guy.. it has been long time sence i saw this movie, i think he gave his money to the family living on the same bulding .. wright ?..
    man thats what i dont like about arabic movies …. they say we dont have big budget to compete with international movies … but what about the shitty dialogs and silly scripts … shallow minded writers we have.. i wish for an arabic movie were i set and pull my self back and dreem in every minute iam watching it,


  3. eNas, I read your last post in your blog. What a coincidence to be talking about the same subject.
    zuzik, you are right you can make excellent movies with low budget. What Arabic movies lack is almost everything; screen play, directing, acting, scenario, etc. The gap is so huge between the Arabic drama and the rest of the world’s drama. I have seen good Chinese, European, Indian, Mexican movies but unfortunately not Arabic or at least not for a long time.


  4. Krystal, for some reason I thought I already replied to your comment. As long as it is a happy moment I wish to remember it as long as I am a live.

    Jano, yes we have our low moments and sometimes we can do nothing about it. Thanks for the compliment about the blog.


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