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How do you think fasting will bring world peace?

Being the president of the Muslim Students’ Organization (MSO) in a university with student body close to 30,000 students is not an easy job. Every week I receive at least one email from students, taking a class in communication, or media, or sociology, or culture, etc., wanting to write a report about the Muslim students on campus or about the Muslim affairs. Other group of students I receive emails from are the campus newspaper reporters.

Following are three encounters with three different reporters:

1: Last Ramadan, a reporter wanted to interview me to ask questions about Ramadan, fasting, etc. One of her questions was “How do you think fasting will bring world peace?” I forgot what my answer was but I am sure it was nothing close to what I had in mind.
2: Two weeks ago, I was contacted by one of the campus newspaper reporter. She wanted to ask me some questions about the Christmas day bombing plot. Mainly, the questions were about the new guidelines and the additional screening. Now, this thing happened two months ago, yet guess what was the title the reporter chosen for her article “Muslim students react to new flight policies”. I can understand that this title would be accurate if the Muslim students on campus demonstrated against these new flight policies or if we contacted the newspaper ourselves. In the contrary, the reporter contacted us and initiated the questions. So how does “react” fits in this article?
3: Today, I got an email from another campus reporter. She wanted to know if she can interview me to ask few questions regarding my opinion towards a new student organization on campus called “__________  for Israel”. Now, what is the motivation behind this interview? What exactly she wants to achieve here?

3 thoughts on “How do you think fasting will bring world peace?

  1. Hang in there Jaraad. I get the same stuff here as a minority in Jordan. Like it or not, you are the rep and much like an ambassador. They didn’t go to Jihad Watch, did they? 🙂

    Whatever the motivation, you have been given a platform to present your faith and ethnicity, and I suggest you use it to your benefit and display a face of Islam that isn’t often reported.

    The author of Proverbs said “A gentle answer turns away wrath”. Practice gentleness in response and you may be surprised.


  2. Wow, that is such a huge responsibility isn’t it? Anyways I agree with kinzi on this, or u can just tell them that when fasting, Muslims will be too hungry to bomb anything! Maybe that they will get. What a stupid question!


  3. Kinzi,
    Thanks for the kind words! Fortunately, no “Jihad Watch” stuff. Those reporters are just students they try to be as nice as they can. I was trying to spell out my unseen frustration. But, I am very nice with them and that is why they keep emailing me because they know I always answer them. I am known to be very patient 🙂

    “when fasting, Muslims will be too hungry to bomb anything!” hahaha… that was funny.


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