Arabian Gulf or Persian Gulf

Since I grew up and studied in Kuwait I learned that the body of water in that part of the world is called the Arabian Gulf. When I started reading books other than textbooks I found that it is also called the Persian Gulf. Years later, I found that there is actually a dispute between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula countries what to call that gulf.

Now, Iran is actually going mental about this dispute by forcing airlines to use the term Persian Gulf instead of Arabian Gulf or they will be banned from Iran’s airspace [source]. To be fair to both parties “last month the Saudi-based Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation said it canceled the Islamic Solidarity Games due to the Iranian host’s use of the ‘Persian Gulf’ term.” [same source]

Since I don’t know much about this issue I am not taking side with one party over the other. But I think that since Persians were there long time ago that body of water should be called Persian Gulf. But it is just an opinion.

But, I found it absurd to force the world to call you a name that not everyone agrees on. It is like when England forced the world at sometime in history to be called United Kingdom of Great Britain. Who call it Great Britain anymore?

Here is conversation from Seinfeld (The Maestro) that may help you understand the problem of naming:

JERRY So what about the “Maestro” stuff. Did he make you call him Maestro.
ELAINE Yeah, I called him Maestro.
JERRY You didn’t mind?
ELAINE Well, I did at first, but actually I kind of got used to it.
JERRY O.K. from now on I want you to call me “Jerry the Great”.
ELAINE I am not calling you “Jerry the Great”.
JERRY Why not you call him Maestro.
ELAINE He is a Maestro.
JERRY Well, I’m great.


13 thoughts on “Arabian Gulf or Persian Gulf

  1. This is the first time I heard the name ” Persian Gulf” thanks for the new info

    I know it’s not the main subject but “Seinfeld” is one of my best comedy shows, and I also want to thank u for the imsdb web site, I liked it 😀


  2. لقد استولت إيران على بعظ الجزر كجزيرة أبو موسى و سمت الخليج العربي بي الخليج الفارسي هذا الخليج عربي وهو موضع نزاع منذ زمن طويل


  3. whisper – All over the world, except some Arab countries, it is known as the Persian Gulf. Check for world maps on Google. Seinfeld is my best show as well.
    Hamede – شكرا على التعليق. كما ذكرت فهذا خلاف طويل ولا أعتقد أن يكون هناك حل عما قريب لمسألة الخلاف في التسمية.ـ


  4. This is ridiculous, what does it matter what they call it, it’s water that’s neither the Arab’s nor the Iranian’s, it’s just..there lol. Read a few days ago some person working on a plane (not sure if pilot or what i forgot) was laid off because he called it the Arabian gulf and he was working for a Persian airline.


    1. Dee – Here is the story you are referring to. “The steward working for Kish Air had reportedly threatened to arrest passengers who complained against the use of the forged term ‘Arabian Gulf’ on the plane’s in-flight monitors instead of the internationally-recognized term ‘Persian Gulf.'” That is really very funny.


  5. melicieuse,
    I don’t think they will not do it but I really think it is the best thing to do. Use a name that doesn’t describe a geographic location. Some people actually suggested to be name it Arab-Persian Gulf.


  6. i think they will not do it just out of sheer stubbornness (from both sides), now problem with naming it Arab-Persian Gulf…..what should come first Arab or Persian? or will it be Arab-Persian on one side and Persian-Arab from the other which really brings us back to square one


  7. Arabian gulf is the correct name for this gulf because of the following reasons:
    • Arabic Language is an official language in the United Nations (UN) and UN used the term ” Arabian gulf” in their Arabic documents.

    • Used by the Arab League.

    • Mediterranean sea used to be called “Roman Sea” because it simply linked to Roman empire. And “Persian gulf” is linked to Persian empire that does not exist anymore. So why do we have to called that gulf as Persian gulf??

    • Not all Iranians are Persians, Iranian people consist of Persians, Arabs, Azeri, Turkmen, Kurds, Gilakis, Mazandaranis, Lurs, and Baluchis. In other words ” Iran does not mean Persia”

    • The percentage of Persians minority in Iran is smaller than other ethnic, so it’s not fair to linked that gulf to Persian people.

    • The people who lives surround the gulf from all areas are mostly Arabs so by demography it ought be called Arabian Gulf.

    • There is six Arabic countries around the gulf but Iran is alone. and 70% of the coast line is under Arabic countries. If we want to add “occupied Ahwaz” which is Arabic country, it will be 7 Arabic countries around the gulf but Iran is totally alone.

    ” Occupied Ahwaz, bounded to the west of Iraq, and the south-west of the Arabian Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula. From north, east and south-east mountains Zajros high altitude and the natural divide between Ahwaz, Iran. Ahwaz has a population of eight million Arabs.

    The year 1925, is the year of the occupation of Ahwaz before the Persian in the era of Reza Khan Pahlavi dead, led by Gen. Zahidi, in alliance with Britain. Through covenants, promises and guarantees of a British prince Sheikh Khazaal Ahwaz (Governor Arabistan) Britain reneged on its promises and covenants, guarantees political for Ahwaz (home and the people) and prince invasion Arabistan committed during the commission of the crime of occupation Persian for Ahwaz support militarily and politically from Britain. On the night of the April 20, 1925, is the Black day in the history of Britain, which was a disgrace to Persia, history in the commission of the crime of perfidy and treason in Ahwaz peaceful occupation of its neighbor”


  8. Arabian gulf? Wth! So what if Arabic is one of the major languages of UN. So stupid UN is just an NGO. And can’t be so political. Before UN or any world organizations it was already Persian gulf. Even in Old Arab map it stated khalij al fars. Meaning persian gulf. If you will change it you have to change the history of Persian civilization way back 3000 years ago. So Arabian gulf all of your facts are non sense, your Infos you got are backed up with bribery.


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