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The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall

image On April 2003, Thomas Hurndall, a British photography student and an activist against the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories was shoot in the head by an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) sniper. His parents went to Israel wanting to know how this could have happened.

The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall [trailer] is a movie based on this true event. Here is the plot of the movie from imdb:

“After Tom Hurndall is shot in the head in Gaza, his parents Anthony and Jocelyn arrive in Israel wanting to know how it could have happened. They expect sympathy and co-operation from the Israeli authorities, but are instead met with an official explanation that fails to tally with any eye-witness accounts, and a wall of silence. When an Israeli army report attempts to whitewash the incident, the Hurndalls decide the only way to establish the truth is to launch their own investigation into the shooting, a process which brings them face to face with both the Open-Fire regulations of the Israeli army in Gaza, and the soldier who pulled the trigger.”

For someone who lived most of his life 100 km away from Israel nothing is new in this movie. An Israeli soldier cold-blooded killed a civilian. I don’t want to undermine the movie. On the contrary, the movie is a mind blowing especially to those who, for some reason, don’t know about Israel aggression. The movie’s main objective is to convey to the world what happened to Thomas Hurndall and how the Israeli military court handled this incident.

On my perspective what was mind blowing is the FACT that there are Arab soldiers in the Israeli military and that the sniper, Taysir Hayb, who shoot Tom Hurndall was a – Muslim – Bedouin. I don’t have enough information about Arabs living in Israel but it seems they are not required to serve in the Israeli military [source]. Whatever is the living status of a man he should not earn money killing his own brothers, this is not a civil war. Knowing that there are Arab snipers in the Israeli military was totally new to me. But I have to admit humans never failed to impress me.


5 thoughts on “The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall

  1. I don’t know how they think that any foreigner or outsider is a human but the Palestinian are not..
    At least this kind of movies show the world the truth about Israel.

    You remind me when my mom’s uncle visited us, he came from Palestine and he brought his tow daughters with him 14 and 16, we start talking about life in general, then I asked one of the girls about her feelings living there and seeing the Israel soldiers killing our sisters and brothers, God be with u.

    She looked at me opening her eyes wildly and say ” who told you that only Palestinian people killed there??? many of my Israely friends lost relatives there and If the Palestinian people stop this killing and bombing every thing will finish, and we can live in peace” I told her by “we” u mean u and ur Israely friends ?? she said yes , then she told me that her brother is one of the Israelis soldier

    After an hours of trying to remove this stupid ideas from her head … I gave up 😦


  2. Whisper,
    Your comment wasn’t long at all. Thanks for sharing your story. It is really hard to understand the mindset of Arabs serving in the Israeli army. But you know when I think about it Palestinian kids who grow up reading Israeli textbooks and watching Israel’s TV might be entrapped in a different box than ours. We, the Arab, are not out of the box anyway.


  3. I can tell you 1st hand muslim arabs who live in Israel are exceedingly grateful & happy to live in the only Democracy in the Middle east ALL the Rights & Prrivileges of a CITIZEN= Free Speech,Education direct to excellent University,Equal Rights for ALL Women & Minorities of every color & ethnicity-including Asian,Arabic & African!!! Jewish,Christian,Druze,Muslim,Everything!They are only to glad to serve & protect the country that gives them these marvelous rights. That is a FACT! Someday arabs may realize the enetrgy they waste hating jews & Israel should be used to turn their Dictatorships which are a grave error on human dignity. No civilzation can progress that demands absolute submission,that punishes questioning & intellect,that encourages hatred instead of cooperation & human equality & mutual respect. Israel is attacked daily & you think they shouldn’t defend themselves?? Who made THAT stupid rule/ Foolish Nonsense. treat others the way you wish to be treated & you be 1st with the grace & goodness! We -ALL Humankind-are ALL the children of the creator!!! With Peace & Love, Laila


    1. Laila,
      Humans from all ethnicities and religions are brainwashed about the idea of peace. We were taught that peace equals love and happiness. In face this is not totally true. Before peace comes justice. If two nations live side by side in peace but one is oppressed and the other is oppressor then this peace will not lead to love and happiness. If the master is nice to his slave this doesn’t mean this relationship is a win-win situation. We of course will disagree who is the oppressed and who is the oppressor. I am not trying to change your mind in anyway but please watch this documentary that it opened my mind about who (Arab or Israel) that teaches hate more. The movie is called “Hashmatsa “, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1377278/
      I watched it on Netflix. I am going to write about this movie and provide some clips from you tube.


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