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Reading beside the lake

Today, I went to a park nearby to do some reading beside the man made lake. The weather was very nice and the sun was enchanting. Here are some pictures taken by my cell phone.

image image
image image
image image
image image
image image

10 thoughts on “Reading beside the lake

  1. Very nice pictures, mashallah for me I’ll spend most of the time daydreaming 😀
    I wish we have more water view here in Jordan.

    What cross my mind when ever I see such a wonderful nature pictures, that how the “Janna” Heaven looks like???

    فيها ما لا عين رأت ولا أذن سمعت و لا خطر على قلب بشر…..

    اللهم ادخلنا الجنه


    1. Amen. Some places on earth are so beautiful we really have to ponder on how heaven would be.
      If you were there in the park you may not have to daydream 🙂 It is very beautiful and relaxing you don’t want to be somewhere else.


    1. Thanks! Many times I sit on one of those big rocks (the picture on the left, in the first row) to be as close to the lake as possible. And the best time is during the sunset it magical.


  2. I DO ENVY YOU … yesterday my mood was too bad just because of the weather, because that there is no such places full with water and green sites that my Husband and me to go to … no places without 7afrtal guys and bad boys … even some of families can distribute and bugs you here.I really wanna cry.
    I will wait tell the end and reach the heaven be 2thn Allah just like whisper 🙂


    1. It is very unfortunate that Jordan is very scarce in water. It is said that people who live near water and green spaces are usually funnier than people who live in the desert. That is why Jordanians walk on street with a big frown on their heads. Meanwhile, maybe you can visit Syria they have very nice places over there. Although, I heard it is getting insanely expensive there.


      1. haha… They might be 🙂
        I may have not chosen my wording correctly. I didn’t mean funnier but merrier and more easy going. Compare Egyptians, Lebanese, and Syrians with Jordanians and Arabic Gulf countries. Just an opinion 🙂


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