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Submission to the non creator



In the old days, a slave had no freedom of choice. Everything he does is either because his master commands him or allows him to do it. He does only what pleases his master, it is never about the slave’s needs. Slavery is inhumane; it degrades and humiliates a man to the lowest degree.

In present, besides receiving money from our employer every 30 days (a.k.a. wage slavery) the situation is not that of a big difference. We still have to work very hard to make ends meet, we still have to follow our boss’ commands, we still have to obey those who are higher in the job hierarchy, we still are afraid to anger our boss, and of course we still have to kiss the boss’ butt every day. We will be punished if we make a mistake. It is not physical anymore but our future’s stake is in the hand of the boss. What kind of freedom is this that we claim having in which our happiness and our future depends entirely on the satisfaction of our boss?

imageNever asked yourself why we need a recommendation letter from our boss when we apply to a new school or a new job. It is simply because the new master needs assurance from our current master that we are suited for the new –wage– slavery job and we are well behaved. It doesn’t matter how good you are the master has to approve your “decision“ to move to a new school, new job, or  even to a new life. Now, do you still consider yourself a free man? If so then lucky you. You are one in a million.

Prophets (عليهم الصلاة والسلام) –peace be upon them- were shepherded, carpenters, and merchants. I don’t think any of them would have spread God’s message if he had to slave work from 8 am to 5 pm every day, except weekends. Their message was one; to submit to the creator and no one or nothing else.

Unfortunately, worshippers of the creator broke the loyalty to him by submitting to what we imagethink is our master on earth; let us call him the boss or the manager. Slaving to the boss is due ultimately to one goal; the money. We mistakenly believe that money is omnipotent, a characteristic attributed to the almighty only. Whether we like it or not and whether we admit it or not we do, somehow, worship money.

We always want more money because we want to own things that we don’t need but we just simply want. If we are renting an apartment then we want to buy an apartment. If we own an apartment then we want to buy a house. If we own a house then we want to buy a bigger house. If we have a big house then we want to buy a house in a nicer neighborhood. It is a never ending “want” dilemma. For that we are up to our nose in debt. We wear our clown cloth, head to the bank, fake a smile, and beg, like children, to borrow some money that we will spend the rest of our life slave to pay it back. We indeed beg and humiliate ourselves for someone to own our butt. And we claim superiority over the animal kingdom?


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5 thoughts on “Submission to the non creator

  1. I like this post.

    The thing is I dont think we would survive if we were all independent traders, farms for example need many workers, and not all can own the land. The trick to avoid ‘wage-slavery’ is not necessarily avoiding earning a wage per se, it is in blocking out the pressures of a capitalist world brainwashing us into thinking we need what we actually merely want. A friend once bought a designer handbag on credit because she had never owned one, I never understood the logic. We need to make changes in our life, we can start living more within our means, maybe by not buying the latest gadget as and when it comes out, or renting (instead of buying) a smaller cheaper house. We could for example save 10% of our salary, so that if things go sour @ work, we have the freedom to leave. We can develop transferrable skills so we dont feel trapped in a certain job or career.

    We can also stop watching TV or reading magazines (with all the ads titillating us with all the cool stuff we dont have). People are amazed by the fact that I dont have a TV, they wonder what I do with my time? Strangely enough I have never missed having one, and the thing annoys me now. Basically it is amazing what we can be happy living without.


    1. I am glad you liked the post and thanks for visiting and commenting in my space.
      You are right we can’t all be bosses otherwise there will be no balance. But the relationship between the landlord or the boss and his workers or employees should not be the same as between the master and his slaves.
      You mentioned a very good point that is blocking the pressure to buy things we want not need. And Capitalism is doing its best to allure people in buying things for the sake of buying a newer version of stuffs they only have. I still don’t know why people have to buy newer cell phones every year for more camera pixels and ringtones.


  2. The eternal Q. of wants vs. needs!
    We seem to be in a state where satisfaction is nvr attained, why? well, simply put: the focus on materialities in expense of what we truely lack, feeding our souls.

    Humans are both body + soul, u feed one and starve the other, then imbalances occur, it occures in many shapes and forms as we see everyday around us. (brand new EVERYTHING each time the chance appears)

    The funny thing -in my opinion- is even though we realize that this is the case, we seldom do any thing practical to prevent it from taking over. We know the answers but do not apply them. <— another "why" here :).

    Thax 4 the "headache" ;),



    1. “We know the answers but do not apply them.” Yes, many times even when we know what is the right thing to do we refrain from doing it. And there are many reasons for this each individual has his own excuse. Sorry for the headache 🙂


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