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Why men invented games?

Unlike women, men don’t explicitly talk about their problems. They are wired not toimage expose their mishaps. Men believe they can fix things and hence they should not have unsolved problems. When men experience a problem they don’t like to talk about it, especially to their male friends. Instead, men play games. These games could be physical like football, video games or even card games. Even at age 60 or 70 you see men play backgammon for hours very competitively.

Since the invention of the first game there is no record and there will be none of men talking about their real life problems over a football, golf or a card game. During the game there is only one single thing on the brain of every player; wining the game. 

imageIn general, for men playing any kind of game is not just a matter of having a good time with friends it could be very competitive and sometimes could get very ugly. They shout loudly, push opponents, and they could get physical if they feel losing. I have seen friends quarrel over a foul in a football game and friends not talking to each other for days or even weeks because of a minor incident that took place during the game. 

Men like to play because it gives them a chance, unlike real life, to be in control of the environment or at least to knowing what happens in the environment. After all, they are fixer so imagethey should know the environment very well. Men like the taste of winning, whether it is winning a football match, or a backgammon game, or competing against time in a video game.

Since men don’t like losing they came up with a creative idea to make these games adaptable to their way of thinking. They invented rules and words such as replay and rematch. If a man looses a game there is always another chance to replay for the hope of winning and cleansing the shame of lost.

Playing a game is when a man feels he owns the moment. If for any reason it is because there is a chance he may WIN, without any real life consequences if he loses. It is these few moments of excitement and happiness when winning a game that keep men going and eagerly anticipating playing a new game. There is no problem in a man-made-game that he can’t overcome. Even if he could not tackle the problem the first or second or even the third  time he knows he can always replay until he wins.

Dear woman, when your husband go out to play golf, card, backgammon, football or even when you see him at home playing video games let him be. You express your emotions by talking we don’t, we play. Playing a game is when we express our emotions.

Dear fellow men, may you win all your games!


19 thoughts on “Why men invented games?

  1. و لمى تشوفونا عم بنكسر بالبيت
    وبنخابط بالمطبخ
    و بنوقع الزريعه بالعمدن
    و بنسكر البواب خبط بخط
    اعرفو إنه عم بنعبر عن مشاعيرنا كمان


    1. هاهاها. نعم خصوصا شغلت الآصوات اللي بتطلع من المطبخ. فجأه بصير جلي الصحون وخصوصا الطناجر صوتو عالي كثير :)ـ


  2. What a strange way to express ur feelings O_o
    6ab what will happen if he Constantly lose …ah yes fighting…what a life 🙂

    OK ….but u can’t say that a man spending all his time at home playing, that he is a poor man under pressure….2ay yalla 3ad he is happy 😀

    LOOOL I imagine a man after a big fight with his wife playing a video game to relax….ya salaaaaaaaaaaam


    1. It is strange but it makes perfect sense to men because we don’t have to talk about our real life fights. In Jordan, a man not play a video game after a fight with his wife but he is definitely going out to play some thing else may be a card game.


  3. true, so true…. my boyfriend also has a tendency to turn to his Xbox every time we fight 🙂 but hey, at least he is expressing himself in SOME way, and some way is better than NO WAY, right? Just hoping they won’t see relationships as a game as well 🙂


    1. In my mid twenties I used to spend hours per day playing Tetris. To think how a grown up thinks building bricks on top of each other is considered valued time is something very intriguing. But hey these couple of hours make us happy.
      “Just hoping they won’t see relationships as a game as well” I will not comment on that but hope not though 🙂


  4. Interesting, but I can not see how this can be a vent for men! Men do not explicitly talk about their problems when the society expects them to do so!

    An evolutionist will tell you that this urge to compete is the legacy of our predecessors in hunter gatherer societies! Back then, we used to compete physically over females, food, shelters and other necessities to pass on our genes, which is evident through human males larger size compared to females!

    Apparently, males still have this facility, and the modern societies does not satisfy them at that level! The whole issue of survival and passing on your genes have become trivial compared to what our ancestors faced in the past! And the evolution of wisdom has changed the nature of the fight over females! So games are only a new way to put off that urge for competing!


    1. I think you went right into the root of the problem which is very true. We don’t hunt anymore so we created something else; games 🙂


  5. This is very True, and believe me as a man when I go and play may favorite game, I perform better and become more competitive if I had a bad day or a week…:), it is the best way to express our emotions


    1. You are right the worse the day the more competitive we become when playing and I think more time we spend playing as well.


  6. What was your major again!? Electronics right, do they allow psychology as a minor for that 😀

    You blew “one” of our covers Jaraad! 😉

    Now we have to invent something else :(,,,

    Jad good 1 one mate.



  7. Wow I love this line “If a man looses a game there is always another chance to replay for the hope of winning and cleansing the shame of lost.” the concept of having a ‘reset button’ in the palm of your hand and the idea to have a chance and ‘replay’ that failed moment, unlike in real life where you seldom have this opportunity. Why is it that men must express themselves through a game, when life itself is a mere game and we are just simple players?


    1. Life is indeed a game but it is a very difficult game, winning is not guaranteed or at least defeat is very harsh.


    1. Stupid? Men consider it an intelligent game 🙂 But I know what you mean spending long hours every day playing card is indeed a waste of time. As anything in this world it should be done in moderation.


  8. What an interesting read. My husband is addicted to video games. Once he starts playing I remind myself that he is getting into his “cave”. I let him be. It used to bother me how seriously he takes it while playing but when I started to see the results after winning or as he calls it “need to unwind” i started appreciating the games he plays. I tease him sometimes though esp. if he keeps getting shot or keeps dying in a game, he doesn’t like it when I do so but it’s my way of “unwinding” too :p


    1. Thanks, nido! I guess we men understand each others more 🙂 I like your definition usage of “cave” time. Ouch, teasing him about his loss is harmful especially if he takes his video games seriously 🙂


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