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The fall of Cordoba house

The debate of whether to approve building the Cordoba House (a.k.a. ground zero mosque) or not is not a new news now but it seems it is making lot of buzz lately. Especially, that some politicians, like Sara Palin,  get involved, when she tweeted against building the mosque, merely for the sake of attracting more supporters. She is after all the expected new president after the disastrous performance of Mr. Obama, according to the media.

Ground zero is the place where the September 11 terrorist attack took place. Some Americans believe building a Mosque near that place means a victory of Islam over Christian America. As of Sunday, August 8th, 2010 at 5:15 pm there are more than 30 million search result for “Ground Zero Mosque”. It is that big of an issue here.


It is very sad that some Americans think of the minaret as a symbol of hatred and define Islam as a violent religion. Unfortunately, the way American’s media, lead by FoxNews, approach their viewers about Islam is the same way banks, credit card and insurance companies approach their customer. Those companies have one thing in common; never let your customer understand your fine print policy. And that is exactly what the American media does when it comes to Islam; confusion lead by many misleading stories.

To be fair not all Americans oppose building this mosque. Actually, the city council approved building the mosque. And some Americans don’t feel offended building this mosque near ground zero. The over 30 million search result about the ground zero mosque proves that there is a huge debate not between Muslims and non-Muslims but among Americans in general.

This mosque is a 100 million dollar project called Cordoba house. The main goal of this project is not to be a place of worship rather it is intended to build bridges between Muslim Americans and their non-Muslim fellow citizens. As a Muslim I am against this project because it is not merely a mosque rather an Islamic Center that might be looked at as a monument of some sort.  The interpretation of what this monument represent (for both Muslims and non-Muslims) might be vague.

Living in the US for 8 years I found that Muslim Americans spend lots of money, time and energy trying to improve their image as Muslims. Unfortunately, this made many young Muslims generation loose confidence on who they are. How self-assured kids or teenagers can be when they grow up in a community feeling that they always have to say sorry for September 11 and that they always need to assure non-Muslims their loyalty to the country they call home.

Muslim Americans are in no need for building more mosques. What they really need is to build more Islamic schools. They need to build self-confident Muslims. Muslims here spend millions of dollars building mosques but when it comes to Islamic schools they fail to donate enough money. Maybe because they think a good looking mosque is a good image for Islam but a school might be looked at as a Madrasa, which according to many Americans a Madrasa means a Taliban school that only teaches Quran and making bombs.  

Many of you may say Islamic schools are not important, kids can be taught about Islam in their home. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. Islam is not something minor in our life. Islam is a way of life. To be a Muslim you need to learn about it every day and live by it every hour. 

Finally, I don’t believe building an Islamic Community Center near ground zero serves any purpose other than enraging some people. Muslims not just in America but everywhere need to concentrate more on building true Muslim character not Minarets.


13 thoughts on “The fall of Cordoba house

  1. Excellent post, Jaraad. I have been saving links to post about it, but have been a little scared of accusations of being neo-con and offending people.

    My exact idea: rather than a center in a controversial place that offends and hurts many people, excellence in Islamic education is what is necessary. Good Lord above, are their ANY institutes for future imams to be taught the kind of Islam you practice? When American mosques import teachers from Sudan, Pakistan and Saudi, the very worst of Islam is getting multiplied.

    In fact, why not spend that money starting such places in those very countries? Because, I don’t think Fox News would have so much to cover if crazy untaught Muslims give it so much ammunition in the form of violence, fatwas, women’s issues . Seriously, if Americans read the Jordan Times every day, they would be closing the borders to Jordanians.

    You give me courage to write my post 🙂


    1. Thank you!
      Regards writing a post about this subject. Actually, many Muslims are against building this Islamic Center. Besides, whatever you write you will always offend someone. Same goes for me, we should not expect everyone to agree with us. I don’t agree with everything you write and I am sure you don’t agree with everything I write. We just need to be civilized about it.
      About importing Imams, actually this is a very important issue that Muslim community is trying to find a solution for. There any many reasons for the lack of Muslim American Scholars; Muslim immigrant parents want their children to secure the best life they could get by majoring in fields that are known to pay very well such as Law, or Engineering, or health related sector. Also, immigrant parents don’t want to send their children to study or learn about Islam overseas, and some other reasons.


  2. صباح الخير

    عجبتني مقولتك,, إنه الدين هوه حياه مش إسلوب حياه

    بس صدقني حتى عنا هون بالاردن,, بطلو يتعاملو مع الدين إلا ف حصه الدين خاصه ازا كانت المدرسه حكوميه
    وإزا بدنا إحنا نعلم أولادنا الدين وخصائصه وطريقه التعامل فيه,, لازمن نبعته ع مدارس متخصصه وإسلاميه
    او مراكز تحفيظ قرآن

    ف صفى الموضوع فيه تشابه كبير بينا وبينكم


    1. مؤسف انو يكون تعلم شيء اساسي في حياتنا وهو الدين مقصور على 45 دقيقه في اليوم.ـ


  3. Jaraad,

    Excellent post. This is a question that I have struggled with. Because I certainly don’t have any issue with mosques being built anywhere.

    However, I don’t think that a mosque should be built at Ground Zero. Not for the reasons that many give, but because I think that Muslims are simply setting themselves up for attacks at all levels – the most minor being verbal criticism, but also certainly vandalism (and possibly worse).

    And of course, the rhetoric that is already so widespread.

    American Muslims already struggle so hard with their image in the U.S. The ignorant of the world already lump them in with the extremists around the world. As you said so well, building a mosque at Ground Zero serves no purpose than to enrage and outrage.


    1. Thank you!
      You are right. I guess the people behind this project need to reconsider the place. Especially, that they know now that many people are opposing this project. The idea behind this center is to build a good relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims. You can’t be a good neighbor if you initiate a heated argument like this one.


  4. Good evening jaraad:
    I think I heared about this center and all the fuss about it at the news but I didn’t know so much about it, so thanks for clearing things for us.
    I can’t say that I’m with or against this center, cause I’m not an american or living there, but I will agree with you that american muslims need more Islamic schools .
    back at college I had a friend who was born and lived her whole life in america, and she used to tell me how her parents struggled to teach her arabic and failed to convince her and her brothers and sisters to speak arabic inside the house. she was so mad of her father cause he wanted her to wear hijab, and she was confused about every thing. She established the 5 prayers but she wasn’t interested about reading Quraan at all.

    I just want to comment about what you said at the begining of the post that Sara Palin is the expected new president, are you serious? She’s a goofy!


    1. Unfortunately, many Muslim Americans don’t pay much attention to Arabic which is the backbone for learning Islam. This generation’s children will not speak a single Arabic word simply because their parents don’t speak Arabic.
      Regarding, Sara Palin I don’t like her but she really has a big chance to win the presidency.


  5. I am sorry for my previous post. It is full hate and disrepect and for that I am sorry it should not have been posted I would delete it if I could. May God forgive me.
    I like many here in the New York area are frustrated over this proposed Islamic center and it stirs up all those feelings we felt on 9/11 when so many of or loved ones were killed, the feelings that have been buried till now.
    I do not wish ill will or harm to the Muslim community but want to live in peace as well. Building this Mosque will drive a wedge between the Christian, Jews and the Muslim population here in the U.S. It should not be built at this location at this time.
    Like I said My previous post is not one I am proud of, and I am sorry for anyone offended by reading it. I must truly pray and ask for forgiveness from god for posting it, and I ask you for forgiveness as well.


    1. I deleted your comment. Thanks for correcting this mistake and letting others hear your opinion. Only, by civilized discussion we can hear each other. I understand how building this mosque near ground zero may hurt some Americans’ feeling. With the massive objection by Americans nationwide over building this Mosque I don’t think they will continue with this project.


      1. Thank you so much Jaraad,
        and again I am sorry for the earlier post. You make alot of sense with your blog. I only hope that we can get past all the fear and emotion surrounding the building of this cultural center.
        I know many Muslims in America came here to provide a safe and better life for their familys. Many immigrating here have been persecuted in their home countrys some facing torture or possibilty of death, they should not have to live in fear here in America. I wish you the best and may God always bless you.


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