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What Germany Needs to Learn from America?

imageWhile 1.5 Billion Muslims are preparing for their Eid festivity German Chancellor Angela Merkel decided to ignore the feelings of Muslims and insult them by honoring Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard with a press freedom award.

The illustrations triggered riots around the world that caused at least 50 deaths [WSJ]. Yet, in the eye of Germany Westergaard  is a hero.


Presenting him with a press freedom award, Mrs Merkel said Mr Westergaard was entitled to draw his caricatures. "Europe is a place where a cartoonist is allowed to draw something like this," she said.

"It’s about whether in a Western society with its values he [Mr Westergaard] is allowed to publish his Muhammad cartoons, or not. Is he allowed to do it? Yes he is," Ms Merkel said.

Germany, definitely didn’t get this one right especially that its leader was involved in honoring a man who caused so much pain to 1.5 Billion Muslims. This stupid, ignorant and childish act by German Chancellor is no doubt a strong message to Muslims in Europe.

Luckily on the other hand, America stood firmly against the burning of the Quran. Everyone from President Obama, to Christian leaders, to politicians, to common citizens they all condemned the burning of the Quran. Instead of bragging about freedom-of-speech as European leaders did when the 2005 cartoons published, top politician and religious leaders condemned this act which led the pastor to cancel his stupid plan.

A applaud to America for standing against what parts its citizens regardless of their religion.

Wish you a happy and blessed Eid!


12 thoughts on “What Germany Needs to Learn from America?

  1. It is stupid isn’t?

    But I do not think Germany can learn that much from USA! USA was, is and will always be a multiethnic society, while in Europe it is very different!

    Europeans are fanatics when it comes to their cultural heritage, and are proud of the high level of quality of life they attained! Put in another way, emigrating to Europe for making money only is not a good thing to do! If you are emigrating for money then USA is the place! In Europe, you should act European, you will not save money, but live a decent life! Again the catch is that you should act like one of them; you should be willing to be assimilated into the society! On their lands, play by their rules!

    But asylum seekers in Europe from the Muslim world are not doing so, and if that was not enough they are acting really bad; raping school girls, drugs, robbery and homicide! Not a smart move I’d say, they are just giving a barbaric image of Arabs and Muslims!

    At the end, I do not think that Merkel’s move was not calculated! Seems like anti-Islam sentiments earns points in the extensive-form of the politics game in Europe these days! Look at Geert Wilders and his Party for Freedom in the Netherlands, they now have 24 members in the house of representatives, and are being supported even by the well educated and liberal Dutch!


    1. You are very right and I was going to right about this subject, the difference between Muslims in the US and in Europe. Unfortunately, unlike Muslims in the US were the majority are professional and educated in Europe some Muslims exhaust the welfare system and it doesn’t look good.


  2. انا بصراحه ما بعرف مواقف المانيا السياسية
    بس اللي بكرهه لمّا يتم تبرير كل عمل بأسم الحرّيه و خصوصا بس يكون ضد شي معين وما في اله مبدأ او سبب غير مشاعر شخصيه و بالعاده بتكون كره لفئه او لممارسة معينه
    مع ان معنى الحرّية ابعد ما يكون عن التعدّي على حقوق الاخرين

    زي اللي بنادو ” بتحرير” المرأة المسلمه من قيود التخلف والانغلاق تحت الحجاب!!!
    طيب مش ممكن حريتي الشخصيه اني البس الحجاب, وكلامكم تدخل بحريتي الشخصيه!!!

    معلش شتيت عن الموضوع….عادتي :$

    كل عام وانت بخير… و صحتين عالقهوه 🙂


    1. It seems a Muslim woman will ALWAYS be oppressed in the Eye of the west because she wears Hijab. Many Muslim women wrote in English how she herself decided to wear hijab but they didn’t believe it and they will not!


      1. My experience too. If she insists too much that she is not being forced to wear it by someone, she is brainwashed by her family, faith, whatever, or delusional. Oppressed, crazy or brainwashed– but never sane, voluntary, and autonomous.


  3. Eid Mubarak!

    Ironic, that there is no free speech in Germany about Jews, Nazis, the Holocaust. In fact there are specific laws about just those 3 topics, and with good reason.

    The US did brag about free speech but at the same time did loudly proclaim Pastor Jones’ proposal a threat to the safety of US troops and citizens abroad. Obama finally did weigh in at the 9th hour.

    The Pastor has had a lot of publicity, may still go through with it (he is miffed he isn’t being consulted about Park51), and has copy cats (Westboro Ministry). He should have been halted long ago, in conformity with the special laws for the War on Terror that Bush made, and Obama kept.

    I have now done 2 posts on it, this one is so absurd to me.

    Yet Another Ignominious Nobody Finds Fame Through Islamophobia: Burning A Holy Book in Commemoration of 9/11

    Pastor Jones: A Propagandist’s Dream Reverend

    Great idea to do a post on Merkel’s misstep! Thanks!


    1. Yes, some topics are off limit or one will be called anti Semite. Freedom of speech does not apply on all people. Thanks for sharing the links. Yours are very detailed 🙂


  4. Happy Eid.
    hope things went will this day for muslim Americans.
    for a few minutes of fame she’s ready to hurt the feelings of millions of muslims,but its like you saied, she will only be remembered for being totally stupid and childish!


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