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Who Spreads the News?

When an unknown pastor of a small church in Florida with only 50 (some even say 30)congregation members announced that he will burn the Quran in September 11, 2010 both Muslims and Christians were enraged. Christians wrote thousands of article defending their religion from such abhorrent act and Muslims wrote, tweeted, blogged about this, will be/will do, act. In some Muslim countries riots erupted and people were killed. The pastor is happy because he got his 15 minutes of fame and Muslims are happy now because the Quran is not burnt.

Case closed.

But, why when Jewish settlers burn a mosque and many copies of Quran both Jews and Muslims chose to be silent? Why we didn’t read tweets, facebook pages, and blogs about the actually-happened-crime? Unlike Florida’s Pastor wants-to-burn-Quran, this time Jewish settlers burned a mosque and copies of Quran.

According to witnesses, parts of the Al-Anbiya mosque in the Palestinian town of Beit Fajjar was set ablaze by five Jewish settlers early on Monday morning. The arsonists also damaged prayer rugs and copies of the Quran, besides spraying anti-Arab graffiti on the walls.

And this is not the first time.

Monday’s vandalism was the fourth attack on a West Bank mosque in the past year. Last May, Palestinians accused settlers of setting fire to a mosque in the village of Libban al-Sharqia. Israel said the blaze was probably caused by a spark during building work.

No charges have been brought for any of the previous incidents.

Human-rights groups say the Israeli government does not take the attacks seriously enough.


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My question is why the want-to-be-famous Florida Pastor got all the attention he wanted and more but when Jews actually burned a mosque and Qurans mouths are zipped? Who and what made the Florida Pastor story a worldwide news? Why there was so much talks, discussions and debates about this story?

If Rick Sanchez was right and that “the media is run by Jewish people” then for sure we should read more about the Muslim-Christian clash than the Israeli oppression. For those who don’t know Rick Sanchez he was fired from CNN after his comment. I never liked him or his program anyway. To be clear I am not saying the media is run by Jewish people because I don’t have the proof to say it. But we still remember how CNN fired Octavia Nasr because she tweeted admiration for a late Lebanese cleric who is considered an inspiration for the Hezbollah militant movement which fights Israel. Of course the biggest of all this year was Helen Thomas’ –forced– resignation as a White House correspondent after her comment instructing Israelis to "get the hell out of Palestine" as a resolution of the conflict in the Middle East.

It takes only one statement against Jews or Israel for someone in the media, and maybe some other critical professions, to lose his/her job. So now, why when someone in Europe decides to draw insulting cartoons of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him people all over the world know? And why there is no much news spread around about the burning of Mosques and Qurans in the West Bank?

With all the communication technology we have right now the world is becoming like a small village . Still news is spread selectively.


5 thoughts on “Who Spreads the News?

  1. Was this in the Jordan Times or I totally missed it, and am very sorry.

    I wish mankind could evolve out of such practices, but the evil within is not easy to harness.


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