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Do All 750 Million Muslim Women Cover Their Faces?

The Huffington post is doing a great job in giving Muslim and non-Muslim writers a venue to express their feeling and opinions about Islam. I am glad to find in a single western non-Muslim media tons of positives views about Islam. I thank them and give them credit for that. But today for some awkward reason the Huff’s decided to use a photo of an anonymous woman wearing burqa instead of Lauren Booth’s hijab photo. I searched for “Lauren Booth” pictures to see if she wore burqa in any occasion but I couldn’t find one. I don’t think she wore burqa at any time but even if she did she is not wearing it anymore. So, why the Huff’s decided to use the picture you see below instead of the Guardian’s picture? Regardless of tons of articles written about the common Muslims, the west is still having one view of Muslim women; an oppressed woman covering her face.

via [Huffingtonpost]

via [Guardian]


Why the west decided not to accept or to be open to the idea that not all the 750 Million women (assuming they are half the 1.5 Billion Muslims) don’t cover their faces. Covering the face is done by minority not the majority of Muslims.

Why the west determined on not accepting the idea that a Muslim woman have a choice in wearing hijab. And that she could be an educated and professional daughter, wife or mother not just single view of an oppressed beaten daughter, sister or wife. Yes, there are many oppressed Muslim women in the same level as there are oppressed non-Muslim women all over the world. Need to remind you of Sex trafficking, a crime with a higher magnitude that is not created by Muslim men.

I recommend reading a Muslim woman’s view and her decision on wearing hijab. The article is published on and written by Samar Sarhan.

You can also read Lauren Booth’s view: I’m now a Muslim. Why all the shock and horror?


p.s. This post is not a celebration or bragging about having a new Muslim. It is something the new convert to Islam does for him/herself not for me or for other Muslims. Having a new Muslim or losing one will not make me more or less of a Muslim.


7 thoughts on “Do All 750 Million Muslim Women Cover Their Faces?

  1. Insightful post and links, thanks. I also find the preoccupation particularly with the niqab lamentable to say the least. It does attract readers though, and the US is more uptight about it than the UK in some ways.

    I was going about the city on my errands the other day and wondering what the fuss really is, since all the women I saw in hijab or niqab were doing the same things I was, shopping, grabbing lunch, meeting with friends for coffee, rushing between work and home. Really not in the least problematic except to those who have mistaken views that all such women are simultaneoulsy brainwashed, oppressed, subservient, crazy, proselytizing and a threat.

    For my own very personal experience with this attitude, please read my post:

    Quebec’s Proposed Law to Ban the Niqab: “You are as stupid as the ones who wear that rag on their face”

    I still refuse to get together socially with that friend’s significant male other. It was the last straw.

    It seems converts to any religion want to share their story, or are forced into it by the incredulity of others. It may help the open minded, but little dents the beliefs of the truly bigotted.

    Great post!


    1. I read your post, that was very bad experience with a very single minded man.
      The thing is some of the women who wear niqab/burqa in the west are born there. How would they deport them? It is their country as well.
      Thanks for the link.


  2. HuffPo made a bad call on that one, even Fox doesn’t exclusively use images of the niqab. Bizarre.

    I think that maybe we have a new religion of hair-worshipers, they are the most upset about the hijab. 🙂

    Thanks for the PS about bragging about having a new Muslim, btw. I know how fun that is to share a new bond of faith. I would love to share similar stories, but don’t, for obvious reasons.


    1. I actually wanted to title my post “The Huff’s Flop” but then decided not to. I didn’t want to be scold by Arianna Huffington 🙂
      Thanks for you comment.


  3. Great Post…and thanks for the recommendation on the article I wrote for 7iber 🙂

    I appreciate it!

    I honestly think that there are way too many books written by ex-Muslim or Muslim women who were oppressed and now blame Islam for all their problems and what not. When in reality, they should be looking at the culture and men, not the religion.


    1. You are welcome! I really enjoyed your article in 7iber. Especially because it came at a good timing after another article that were demeaning to women wearing hijab.


      1. Good, I’m glad. Yes, I wrote it because of a conversation I had had with some people who had strong opinions about hijab without being hijabis. I also feel that there isn’t enough positive reports from women who choose to wear hijab. We always hear about the women who wear it because they were forced and how much they hated it, but then again…hate sells.


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