The Power of “NO”

This is one of Boston’s, The Big Picture, most influential and touching photo collection, In Protest. It looks like the world is in chaos these days. It makes you shed tears when you see all this violence, oppression, and suffering. Some protests of course have stronger reason and meaning than others but they all share one goal. They all wanted to be heard saying “N0”.

These are some pictures of what happened in the past two weeks only. To no surprise, some commentators even protested this photo collection because it  didn’t cover other protests and demonstrations in the rest part of the world.

Before the era of radio communication it took the French centuries before their revolution and before the era of internet communication it took the Romanians less than 25 years before they get rid of their dictator. Today, it took the English and Italians hours before they were able to say “no” to their governments’ plan of universities budget cut.

image image
image image
image image
image image
image image
image image
image image

7 thoughts on “The Power of “NO”

  1. The world has been and still chaos, we heard about the chaos events because of the easy way of commutations (internet), TV etc..
    Many of us get tired of unfairness of this world, either from governments or terrorist organizations if that mean something we all in it together and we are united to say no..


  2. These are powerful. It’s amazing how technology changes everything. Information is at our finger tips and if we don’t like what we are seeing on the TV, reading in the newspapers and hearing on the radio, we can turn to the internet to find some different points of view.


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