Japan’s Tsunami

There are few different numbers of how high were the waves caused by the recent Japanese tsunami. But I think the first picture below explains the devastation very well. When you see cars sit on top of three-story buildings you stop pondering how high the waves were. And when you see a jet pushed away you know how strong and powerful this tsunami was.


[via  national post]


[via  national post]

After you see big trucks pushed with the stream of water like a tree leaf swimming on a creek and cities leveled to the ground you become certain that this tsunami thing is something beyond humans’ comprehension. But then again you see a picture of a four-month-old baby who survived this out-of—human-control tsunami and ponder how this tiny fragile creature managed to endure and survive what made an entire city leveled to the ground.


[via  national post]


7 thoughts on “Japan’s Tsunami

  1. I do not feel any sorrow for Japan!
    Mother Nature is just getting her own back!
    I watched a documentary on Japan and it was disgusting!!!!!!!
    How they slaughter dolphin and whales as well as every other animal they can get their sick hands on!!!!!!!!

    After they pull the dolphin from the ocean onto the beach they still have the audacity to stand on them while they are lying dying!!!!!
    It was the most disgusting I have ever seen in my whole life, and as I said I do not feel any sadness or sorrow for them as they do not feel anything for all the amazing animals they have killed!!!!
    Mother Nature is getting her revenge and it’s about time because if it was she left it any longer we would not have any dolphins or whale soon! Look up the animal population in their country; it is nearly the lowest in the world due to them eating everything that has legs and fins!!!!!!!!!


    1. I of course don’t agree with you. Humans are more important than animals even if we don’t agree with what they do with whales. Using your analogy all humans should die. Have you ever seen how people slaughter chickens, cows and pigs?


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