Reform, yes but keep the matchstick away

I have been following the news about the #March24 demonstration, happening in Jordan, since yesterday. The people responsible for this demonstration are asking for a reform in the country which is something noble. It is the right for every FREE citizen to have an opinion and not punished for the sake of it. Unfortunately, there is another opposing group to the demonstrators who, naively, think that such demonstration is not patriotic. For this reason, they are mistakenly called “loyalists”. There is nothing loyal about vulgarly cussing people let alone throwing stones at them. By doing so they lost legitimacy. And since when loud patriotic songs go louder than the call of prayer (Athan) in Jordan?

The word “reform” is a positive word. Hence, we all like reform, who doesn’t? But before we ask how to achieve this reform we need to know what we want first. I strongly believe that demonstrators in Jordan should be clear with their demands. In Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Libya it is clear; to get rid of the regime. In Jordan, it is different. Most Jordanian citizens, as far as I know, are not against the monarchy and hence demands need to be clearer to everyone. I am not sure what this demonstration is exactly for. I know they want reform but what exactly they are asking for I am not so sure. For this reason in order for this reform to success they need to contact the local media and objectively list their demands.

As a Jordanian, I believe that the government is not the only one to be blamed for any political or economical failure. If this list in Wikipedia is authentic then since 1921 there was hardly any government that lasted more than two years. A period that is unrealistic for achieving any promises. As far as I know, these short lived governments are excused from their tasks or resigned upon the citizens’ disapproval of the government. Neither King Hussein nor King Abdullah of Jordan forced any of these governments to stay against the citizens’ will.

I believe that our biggest disappointment is our parliament which is elected by the citizens. Until we truly elect a parliament member that we believe is a good fit not because he or she is from our tribe we will never achieve the reform we are looking for.

Yes, we need more transparency in Jordan and we need to fix our economy today not tomorrow. But having a new government and a new parliament will fix nothing because I don’t think we are going to elect a better parliament this time just because we believe so. However, if we are talking about electing our government then the situation is different. Against all odds I think we are not ready yet for such responsibility. Yes, may be it is more appealing to elect our prime minister but we need a transition period. We first need to accept that Jordan is not defined only as a tribal country or only as one political party. Unfortunately, we are not educated enough to accept the opinion of others.

No one like it and no one like to talk about it but the fact is one matchstick can cause even a bigger gap between Easterners and Westerners residents of Jordan. We all know that when economy goes down racism goes up. And economy in Jordan now is very bad! It is imperative to every Jordanian to believe that asking for reform has nothing to do with East or West. Calling one group loyalists means that the other is not.  Thus we need to be clear what reform entitles. For those who started #March24 they need to set the record straight with their demands and not leave others to their speculations.

Dear Jordanian twitter community please think twice before you type those 140 characters or click on Retweet. Be proactive not active. Be wise and rationale not furious and ignorance. When a human life is at stake it is not about how many tweet you can send. Social media is to concur not diverge.

Dear Jordanian, please be wise!



4 thoughts on “Reform, yes but keep the matchstick away

  1. بالفعل! للاسف صار عنا مبدأ اذا مش معي ضدي! انا بتفق مع اعادة تشكيل الاردن سياسيا و اقتصاديا ، و مع اعادة دراسة الدساتير بصورة تضمن مستقبل افضل ، و اعتقد انه اي شكل ممن يدعون انفسهم موالين بس فكر كيف ممكن مثل هيك اعتصامات تعود بالخير عليهم ما مسك حجر و رماه ! بس المشكلة اعتقد انه صعب “يفكر”!؟


    1. أكبر ضرر قد يحدث لدولة هو عندما يكون السؤال هل انت معي ام ضدي. وهذا ما يحدث في امريكا إما ان تكون يمين او يسار، إما رأسمالي او اشتراكي. ولهذا الخلاف بين الأمريكيين كبير جدا جدا.ـ
      وأرجو ان لا يكون كذلم في الأردن. شيئ مؤسف جدا من هؤلاء الذين ادعوا الولاء للملك والوطنية المزيفة وقاموا برمي الحجارة.ـ عندما تتواجد عقول كهذه في بلدي فإني اتسآل أن لها ان تتنتخب انسانا يصلح لبناء البلد وليس شخصا من مواليا للعشيرة قبل البلد.ـ


  2. man… I didn’t think it’ll go down the way it went down… we (when we were at the square) didn’t think our security had it in them to act that way… I’m still in shock.


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