David Cameron Yelled At In Hospital

I just love the UK. Here is one reason why:

David Cameron Yelled At In Hospital By Surgeon David Nunn

An ITN Newsvideo shows an angry doctor killing the mood during British Prime Minister David Cameron’s visit to a London hospital.

According to Dangerous Minds, Cameron, his Deputy, Nick Clegg and Secretary of State for Health, Andrew Lansley, were visiting Guy’s Hospital in London on the day that plans were announced for changes to the National Health Service (NHS). A senior orthopedic surgeon grew angry that camera crews and press photographers had not followed hospital procedure and failed to roll up their sleeves.     [source]

You may agree or disagree with what the surgeon did or whether he lacked professionalism or not. But the fact that he yelled at the United Kingdom’s prime minster and the prime minster’s agreeable calm reaction says something about this country’s politics and history.

If only Jordan, if only!


3 thoughts on “David Cameron Yelled At In Hospital

  1. Watching this video and compare it to the devastating situation in some Arab countries were the ruler forces his tyranny and oppression on his citizens makes one ponder when the Arabs would ever live in peace.


    1. I know, it is still a long way to go. No one can talk like this to a University President or a Dean let alone a PM 😦


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