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Picture America: Traffic Safety Cones

A CentruryLink truck uses traffic safety cones


8 thoughts on “Picture America: Traffic Safety Cones

    1. This is the first post of a new series called “Picture America.” In each post I will put one picture about something I found interesting and not common in Jordan 🙂


  1. They’re unnecessarily used and they can make lanes too narrow and sometimes you don’t see them until you’ve hit one already. Yesterday the valet guy scraped right through the safety cone lines that separates the valet line from the non-valet line and it left a few scratches on the poor guy’s car.

    Signs are better.


    1. I think they are tiny to make lanes narrow. But I agree sometimes one can completely miss them; they are very small. Signs on the other hand, although bigger but not as portable as the safety cones especially in the case of the truck above.


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