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Picture America: Drive-Through Pharmacy

Drive-Thru at Walgreens, the largest drugstore chain in the United States of America


5 thoughts on “Picture America: Drive-Through Pharmacy

    1. I never used this service before but I am pretty sure it is a very convenient service. Without it imagine a mother with two or three kids how much time and effort she needs for just picking up a prescription drug from the pharmacy.
      According to Wikipedia Walgreens is the largest drugstore not CVS.


  1. I like that you can get your medicine this way instead of having to come inside and wait. I can see it being especially nice if you are weak from sickness or if you are well, but don’t want to mingle with people who have something contagious.

    Not that I’ve ever used a drive-through pharmacy, but since you displayed this picture I was thinking of some advantages. 🙂


    1. I am sure there are many advantages like the one I mentioned to Emi about a mother driving with her kids. The hassle and time spent to unbuckle and buckle not to mention the tense of keeping an eye on them while in the pharmacy.


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