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Do what I say not what I do

I am shocked by the lack of outrage or controversy, from women, of the new three doors Hyundai Veloster 2012 commercial. In the ad a young guy steps out of his car with two sexy beautiful females, a blonde and a brunette. The TV ad implicitly refers to something sexual when the narrator says: “Why three doors? You know why. The Veloster, engineered for whatever!”

The narration leaves, mainly, male viewers to their fantasy to figure out what “for whatever” means and the relationship between the man and the two women in the ad.

Sometimes I feel how you describe an action in words is what counts not the action itself. For example, many people consider individuals who wake up at sunrise to meditate and to connect with their inner-selves to be cool and open-minded compared to close-minded religious people who wake up early in the morning to pray and connect with a God they can’t see.

So, I wonder why women didn’t feel this TV commercial to be offensive and degrading to their dignity.


9 thoughts on “Do what I say not what I do

  1. I think women no longer protest much about these types of ads because they have become inured, and feminism has moved on to other topics. The main protests in North America against sexy women selling everything came during an earlier period in feminism–mainly the 70s and 80s. Individual women are sometimes still offended and voice it.

    In a way, men should be offended too, that cars are equated with phallic imagery, and that, especially in North America, virility is associated with the attributes (size, power, colour) of the car one drives.

    This is another one of many areas in which my thinking is much more European. 😀

    Good topic and post!


      1. I meant I don’t share in the idea of judging men by the car they drive. In my experience, North American women do this, and others, including European women, don’t. I really just don’t care that much about cars, or what car a man chooses to drive/ is able to afford (in both senses of having the money, and choosing to spend it on car X). Now a man who does dishes…that is a different story! 😀


      2. I see. Yes, unfortunately some young women are attracted to men by what car they own. It is known on my campus that Mustang is a chick-magnet.
        I do dishes and cook but the problem there is no way to brag about it like having a Mustang 🙂


  2. I’ve never seen this ad until your post. And I didn’t like its message really, but there are a lot of ad messages I don’t like. I guess I just ignore them and/or don’t buy their products.


    1. I think the message of this particular commercial is clear. Chiara said it well when she said the ad should be offending to men as well. If only more men oppose such cheap way of selling products and more women are aware of the danger selling their bodies for money, Sigh!


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