To articulate love like an Englishman

Branson confesses his love to Lady Sybil Crawley:

From Downton Abbey

This British show is one of the most television shows talked about in the US. The story might not be different from others but the characters, manners, language and the fashion are all outstanding.

Pictures: PBS [USA]


7 thoughts on “To articulate love like an Englishman

  1. This is obviously on PBS which is one of my favorite channels, but the average American does not watch or care for PBS so anyone talking about this show would be in the minority.


    1. You are right about two things. PBS is one of the best channels and the average American does not watch or care for it. Unfortunately, I don’t have PBS. I watched first season on Netflix. And yesterday I found that the second season is on PBS website. I knew it is the most talked show in the US from the Time magazine and some websites. But I agree with you it is hard to believe especially that all we hear about on TV is how successful these nonsense reality shows.


  2. We just bought the set of PBS Foyle’s War, love that one. Most of our average friends in the US do appreciate this type of PBS drama, it is MTV and HBO they don’t care for.


    1. Kinzi, the very low taste of what is on TV is not just in the US. I am sure the same can be said elsewhere not just in America. I don’t watch Arabic movies or Arabic video clips but couple of days ago someone posted a new Arabic video clip on Facebook or somewhere else. The content is very outrageous I even deiced to write about it. The male singer sings “A cigarette is better than 10 women.” Of course he was circled with women in bikinis. Talk about conservative Arabia! What was even more unbelievable is that the director guess what is a woman. But then if you think about it maybe some bloggers somewhere are talking about conservative closed-minded people living in 2012 and still believe in sins and long for modesty.
      Thanks for the show recommendation. I hope it is on Netflix 🙂


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