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Promoting smoking in Arabia via a song

Recently, a new Arabic video clip appeared in which the male singer declares his passion for smoking. He sings:

My passion is for smoking
It is difficult to quit this habit
And in my blood runs nicotine
And with every moment I even love it more
قلبي مولع بالتدخين
صعبه بطل هالعاده
وبدمي بيجري النيكوتين
وبكل لحظه بحبها زيادة

Outraged? Wait, you heard nothing yet. The song continues:

My heart is fond of cigarettes
One cigarette worth ten women, two children, four chaps and maybe few more
انا قلبي مولع بالدخان
السيجاره بعشر نسوان
وطفلين واربع شبان ويمكن اكثر بزياده

Of course the song never stops here it goes on and on about how the singer finds a woman with a cigarette in one hand and a glass of alcohol in another to be sexy and attractive and how much he is fond of the three of them. Yes, this song is in Arabic. Written, and directed by Arabs as well.

Singing about smoking is one thing but saying a cigarette is worth ten women is something else. I don’t live in Arabia so I am not sure if any radio station or TV channel decided to play this song. I hope someone can let us know via a comment. Also, what was the reaction about this song, especially from the women’s side?

To my astonishment I found that the director of the video clip is a woman. How about that? Talk about self respect. When she read the song first time and came across the line “One cigarette worth ten women” did she say this is the song that will put me in the hall of fame or the hall of shame? Of course she is not the only female in this shameful production. The production manager, the assistant director, the makeup artists and few more are females. See mark 3:17 and forward for the list of hall of shame. Everyone, males and females, participated in this production should feel ashamed and apologizes to the public.

The question is why in the world there is a song about how good smoking is? I would understand if the song was made in the 60s but this is 2012. Was this song  even sponsored by any cigarette company? I am not even talking about the consumption of alcohol and sexy women in swim suits in a video clip. Especially that in Arabia we don’t have parental guide for what is screened on TVs.


19 thoughts on “Promoting smoking in Arabia via a song

  1. that’s ridiculous! I’ve never heard of it before and i think if one of the people I know heard it they would have mentioned it.

    The thing with the show business people is that they think it doesnt matter how bad or good their work is as long as it gets publicity.. To those people the two extremes of liking it and completely hating it is the same: they caught your attention.


    1. Someone posted this video on twitter. I was shocked when I watched it. You are right those attention seekers got what they want, unfortunately.


  2. الأغنية منحطة، يعني شفتها لنصها وبعدين ما كملت وما بدي أكمل, بس بصراحة هيك كل الأغاني هالأيام, صياعة وبنات وما بستغرب أبدا إذا كانت مشهورة جدا، وبكرة ما بنركب تاكسي ولا باص إلا نلاقيها بتلعلع.
    كلمة س مشان التدخين، هالأيام منتشر بشدة و حسب الاحصائيات 41% من طلاب المدارس مدخنين بيشمل الذكور والإناث، وممكن يكون أكثر من هيك، بالعادة الإحصائيات مش دقيقة مية بالمية، والسيجارة بتنباع (فرط ) بالوحدة وهيك بتكون رخيصة، وابن ال5 سنين بيقدر يشتريها وما حدا بيمنعه، مش (شيء يدعو للتساؤل) إنه لما دول الخارج صارت تحارب التدخين والوعي زاد وقلت نسبة المدخنين عندهم، صارت تتضاعف عنا؟


  3. ما اتوقع في بأي مدينه بأمريكا مكان مغلق مسموح التدخين فيه. في مدينتي حتى البارات منعوا التدخين فيها. الحمدلله ما بروحها بس هون صارت ضجه عليها الشغله هاي. حتى الناس اللي بدخنوا هون عارفين انهم بيعملوا اشي غلط وما بفتخروا انهم بدخنوا. من الاشياء الغريبه انه في ناس بدخن بس ما يمكن حد يعرف لأنهم بيعتبروها اشي غلط فبتلاقي بعضهم بيخفي ادمانه على التدخين.ـ
    وللأسف زي ما ذكرت قاعد التدخين بزيد عنا. وما اتوقع راح يكون في حل قريب ما دام بنشوف رئيس الوزراء والوزراء والنواب بتصورا بالجرايد والتلفزيون وهموا بدخنوا


  4. You are in the minority and moving against the flow of Arab stupidity and intransigence. Unfortunately, the minority will lose.


    1. I don’t call it stupidity but rather apathy. Arabs are so distracted by politics and lack of pocket money to feel motivated to care about fighting worthless video clips or listen to someone who tells them that they should not smoke.
      Arabs are in dire need now not for political leaders or revolutions but for some new thinkers who should lead the way for a better enlightened life. Those people usually appear among the minorities. I am not referring to myself of course 🙂 I am just a computer nerd. Nerds are not fit to lead 🙂


      1. Ziad, I have never imagined I can make someone that angry because of something I wrote. You really had it with what I wrote, didn’t you? 🙂
        Anyway, I don’t accept profanity on my blog. Take it easy.


  5. Wow, this is sad. I can’t believe people would get behind this song. For some women, I think they just don’t care about what message it sends…I don’t know how else to rationalize it.


    1. I found that many times we don’t have to rationalize things. By now it should be a well known fact that common sense is not common sense to everybody 🙂


  6. بصراحة كتبت تعليق على اليوتيوب .. قاسي حبتين بس جد كنت معصب!

    و لساتني معصب!


  7. Yes, you are right he is getting publicity by us discussing his video. But also, I think, we should let those people and people in the media know that such nonsense is not welcomed in our homes. And that these videos are not fit to our intelligent.
    Thanks for your comment. I checked your blog. Unfortunately, I don’t read French 😦


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