An excerpt from “A Manual for Writers”

Source: “A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations” by Kate L. Turabian, 7th ed.

From the outset, you should try to write every day, not just to take notes on your sources but to clarify what you think of them. You should also write down your own developing ideas to get them out of the cozy warmth of your head into the cold light of day, where you can see if they still make sense. You probably won’t use much of this writing in your final draft, but it is essential preparation for it.


8 thoughts on “An excerpt from “A Manual for Writers”

    1. I use one of three tools. If I am working on my computer I jot down the new idea on a new draft post on wordpress. If I am not on my computer I use my wordpress app on my iPhone. Or I write down something on a piece of paper to add it later to wordpress draft folder until I rewrite and eventually publish it.

      The above if for my blog. For my research the process is more complicated I use different tools.

      I liked the idea mentioned in the book that one should write daily. As you mentioned ‘muscles need practice.’


  1. I often have good ideas in my head when I’m walking and then by the time I get around to writing them, I cannot recall how I had them worded so perfectly earlier in my mind! 🙂


  2. Most of my marvelous literary ideas come to me while washing dishes. Sadly, if I don’t write them down, they go down the drain with the dirty soap water.


    1. Indeed, our brain works in a mysterious way. For some reason it sometimes manages to excel with new ideas while we are distracted. That is why sometimes we remember things while we are taking a shower. Thanks for visiting and thanks for your comment. I visited your blog but I can’t read Spanish or what looks like a Spanish language 🙂


    1. It seems you had a very interesting blog. It is sad that a blog with an honorable mention in brass cresent awards cease to exist. Hope you will be back in English 🙂


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