Part I: Beautiful women are not made of silicone

Sometime in the future, I hope to be very soon, we will laugh about our generation who think of breast and buttock implants to be normal. Who believe that women with perfectly big rounded shape breasts, noticeable pointed noses, and ugly humongous lips to be sexy.

If only there is a list of all men who cheated on their beautiful wives with much less beautiful women or even prostitutes. It makes one puzzled when thinking that both Elizabeth Hurley and Elin Nordegren were cheated on by their husbands with women who sell their bodies to men with the highest bidder. Both of these women are very attractive and worked as models. They were also cheated on while they were still young and beautiful.

Unless a woman wants to attract a seventeen-year-old young man, who might be mesmerized by the look of two volleyballs shaped breast, there is absolutely no need what so ever for a woman to go under the surgeon’s knife. I am going to reveal a secret about our species, i.e. men, maybe not all women know about it but I think it is time that women be aware of this secret fact. Men like all breast sizes.

As a conservative man I don’t like to talk about this issue but with the increasing obsession of some women by plastic surgery I think men need to speak up to convince women that they are beautiful no matter what. It reached a level of insanity. Many men for example including myself find women wearing eyeglasses to be more attractive than women who choose to wear contact lenses instead. Men DO find smart women to be attractive. It is only in Hollywood that men are attracted to a blonde who is acting stupid.

Yesterday, I found this link in the huffington post. The magazine, or website, asked its readers to post pictures of them when they wake up. Before they wash and wear any makeup. It was an interesting project and I find these women to be very courageous for posting their pictures to the public:

Your willingness to put yourself out there (or out here) impresses me to no end. On Friday, we showed you our faces as we looked on our pillows that morning and I asked you to please do the same. A solidarity/curiosity kind of thing. Truly, I wanted to see how beautiful you are just as you are. And guess what? You are!!

Meet the 75 courageous women.


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28 thoughts on “Part I: Beautiful women are not made of silicone

  1. Very easy to understand why beautiful models or actresses get cheated on by their partners because the career always comes first and end up neglecting their significant other. This phenomenon also has become common among Egyptian, Lebanese and Syrian models/actresses which shows that Western women do not have a monopoly on vanity.


  2. Hi Jaraad
    I want to thank you for telling the truth about women,your story made me laugh and i like to tell all
    women out in this world if a man don’t love you for who you are plain and simple than girlfriend you
    don’t need them,.Your story touch my heart i was so happy just to hear those words come out of a
    man mouth you are one of the greatest men i have got to talk to thank you so much.


  3. This is funny, as in seriously, men don’t care about sizes???
    Why can’t I believe that?? 🙂
    I didn’t really see any man even religious who doesn’t check out women,,,,that’s what I see


    1. I said nothing about who does and who doesn’t check women out. All men do, but of course on different levels though 🙂
      It might be true that different men have different physical preferences of the opposite sex but this doesn’t mean women should go under the knife to please few men other men would love her as she is.


  4. I’m glad you were honest with women…it’s so sad to see so many people fall into the trap of plastic surgery. Amazingly, it’s become not just a woman’s field but men are also having more and more plastic surgery done as well.


    1. Every time I watch some reality TV show it strikes me how many women and men have done some cosmetic surgery. But the thing is plastic surgery doesn’t make those people more beautiful many of them end up with a disastrous look.


  5. ” Men DO find smart women to be attractive”
    your are basically the first man ever I hear says such a thing!
    all men I knew searched for a shiny white woman, may be with green or blue eyes, this would be perfect, some would down the scale for money or good family name. But a woman with a brain?
    I don’t know, may be, we women define ourselves to be pretty or not, tha’s why the whole society is focusing on such a thing. Here in Jordan we don’t have the plastic surgery fever but women use too much makeup and fall for all fashion styles whether it’s proper or not.
    I think this post is pretty mature and honest, and I hope their will be more and more people who believes in that.
    by the way, women in the website are really cute 🙂


    1. Beauty is relative and it is not just about the physical look. Although physical look is important but it is never everything. And yes, many men value intelligent women.
      The makeup thing in Jordan is unbelievable. Especially what salons do to brides on their wedding day. I have seen some brides to be who were beautiful but on the wedding day they looked terrible. They look like jokers with tons of makeup. Arab women need to have more confidence about their look.


  6. Great post! How often have we met people who are physically attractive (both men and women), but when we talk to them, we realize their personalities leave much to be desired? And the opposite of course. Beauty sometimes is only skin deep.How much better to focus on character, kindness, compassion, smarts, humor….other things besides ONLY focusing on who has the best skin or nose or lips or …

    Yeah, we should be pleasant outwardly to some extent – smiling and general cleanliness and grooming goes a long way in this! – but we shouldn’t feel we need to cut and plump and inject in order to become something we are not.

    I agree with you that beauty is relative. I know some women who prefer blondes and others who prefer dark haired guys. I guess it’s good that we aren’t all attracted to the same thing, huh?


    1. Come on, I am trying to be a nice gentleman. Why would you say such a thing “I know some women who prefer blondes and others who prefer dark haired guys.”
      Please tell me there are women who are attracted to bald men 🙂


      1. Honestly I believe for a lot of women, the way a guy treats people and his personality are much more important than whether he is the best looking thing ever. I might be wrong, but that’s the impression I get from MANY women (not all.)


  7. Interesting post and thanks for the link to the morning faces. My thought on those is this – What’s natural is wonderful and beautiful.
    And anyway – ideals of physical perfection are far less important than love and the eye of the beholder.
    Which is why relative attractiveness, real or fake boobs etc, are not necessarily factors in whether people stray. More likely to be related to their relationship.


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