Which comes first law or religion?

Mary: Imagine a man with a gun. You’d be scared. So would I. But what if you saw him walk into a playground and point that gun at a child, how scared would you be then? And if you saw him pull the trigger, shoot one child, then another? Would you still be scared? Or would you stop thinking about yourself and just try with every fiber of your being to stop him before he killed the whole school? Of course you would. I know your fear, Rachel. But always remember who we’re fighting for. And who we’re trying to stop.*

No doubt everyone will agree with Mary that the person shooting children should be stopped. But the critical question is how? I believe in such case a law officer on the scene is obliged to protect civilians and has the right to shoot the killer. But what if Mary was referring to a family planning doctor and the children were not in a school’s playground but in their mothers’ wombs?

It seems both Islam and Christianity agree that abortion is a sin because it is the act of killing a human. In Islam, there are exceptions to this rule for certain circumstances. Luckily, because Jordan’s religion according to its constitution is Islam abortion is impermissible. In the US, the issue of pro-life statute is very complicated and differs from state to state. In addition, the matter is still heavily discussed and debated until now.

Unfortunately, many Arabs are using and promoting phrases and ideas that they are not aware of its consequences. One of these ideas is “Religion is for God and the country is for all.” They of course want the separation of religion and state.

It is shame if we don’t trust God and are ashamed of his words to be our guidance. I believe this is what a separation means to those who are promoting it in our holy land, the land of the prophets.

Of course it is very imperative also to mention Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) hadith:

Whoever amongst you sees anything objectionable, let him change it with his hand, if he is not able, then with his tongue, and if he is not even able to do so, then with his heart, and the latter is the weakest form of faith.

This hadith gives us reason for not trying to change things that are beyond our capabilities and may cause harm to us. Mary, in the above scenario, plays the role of an American pro-life extremist who promotes killing  family planning doctors. Although, abortion is against her religion she should not tried to change things by hand (using violence) because such thing caused her to break the law and hence harm herself.

* From UK’s TV show MI5.


7 thoughts on “Which comes first law or religion?

  1. it’s very hard to tell these days ..
    back in the days of Islamic state (5elafah) ..
    the law and religion were one thing ..
    now, there is differences between those two ..
    in the Arab world, some crucial things like abortion, are treated with the original Islamic laws, yet another issues like stealing are treated with “modern” laws ..
    in the countries where no rule of religion anymore, like the states, it’s much more complicated like you’ve said ..

    as for your question, IMHO, every case has it’s own order ..
    I’d dare to say, in the extreme cases where human life is on the stake, or raping, i’d do the moral (religious) thing, even if it was against the law, but in less aggressive matters, lets say robbery or assault , I’ll leave it to the law to deal with …


  2. I am strongly against abortion, but I don’t condone killing abortion providers! Murder is murder and in neither case is it right. Many of my friends work politically to change things (i.e., make abortion less easily obtained) rather than trying to shoot the doctors who kill babies in their mothers’ wombs. Abortion, to me, is the biggest example of being unjust. I know women argue that it’s their bodies and I understand that a baby growing inside you is a huge deal. But what about the rights of the unborn? Do they have any? Maybe not. I suppose this is what society has to decide. I just see it as incredible sadness for a baby to be killed with no voice for herself, no chance to speak and argue for its right to live. Talk about innocent people being killed…ugh.


    1. It is strange how some people consider abortion as a “choice” and not a termination of a life.
      By the way, yesterday when I woke up I was very surprised to see all you comments. You made my day 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting.


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