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Expressing who you are in your resume

I found the answer of the question below interesting, since I can relate to it, while reading the book “Can I wear my nose ring to the interview?” by Ellen Gordon Reeves.

I am frequently asked if -and how- one should indicate things like race, socioeconomic status, religion, sense of humor, sexual or political orientation, health and marital status. If you wish to define yourself in some particular way, it’s easiest to do it in the Activities and Interests section of your resume: Gay students’ Association, Church Choir, Campus Hillel African-American Students’ Association, Young Republicans Club, and so on. Markers can work for or against you, depending on your reader’s personality and politics. Usually it’s worth the risk: By showing your true colors, you can find like-minded colleagues, increasing the chances of a comfortable work environment.

I asked many professionals similar question but no one seems to have a good definitive answer. I agree with the answer given by the author here. One should be forward about who he or she is especially for practicing Muslims, in non-Muslim countries, who need to pray during business hours. Muslim women may also want to ask about the dress code for some particular jobs.

In my resume, among other training or activities I include the following:

Muslim Student Organization (MSO), President 2009/2010
Muslim Student Organization (MSO), Treasurer 2005/2006
Islamic Center of Rolla-Missouri, Treasurer 2003/2004

As the author mentioned, such markers can work for me in case the employer recognizes and values volunteerism, teamwork and people with leadership qualities. On the other hand, such markers can work against me as well but I don’t want to end up in a work environment where people judge my work because of my religion and not because of my hard work.

Be truthful about who you are anytime and anywhere.


7 thoughts on “Expressing who you are in your resume

  1. Totally agree. I always tell ppl (students & trainees) to follow this direction, if u r to work in this co.; then u better start with the right foot 🙂

    Thx Malik.

    *I miss yr blog!


    1. Haithaaaaaaaaaaaaam… I miss your comments as well 🙂 Long time no see.
      Nice of you to take this direction as well.


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