Enemy, triumph and freedom

One of the scariest moments in the mafia movie “The Godfather” was the horse’s head in bed. I doubt you haven’t watched the Godfather but here is the scene:

Luckily, my life is not even close to being that scary but last week I got a similar shocking experience when I saw a very scary creature in my bed.

I am not sure who was more terrified because we both jumped away from each others. Of course the weird looking creature’s jump was as fast as the lightning. Fortunately, with some top notch strategy and tactics I was able to capture my enemy by confining it under a drinking glass. I left it under the glass for two days to celebrate my triumph and hoping it will die without me having to kill it.

On the third day, I decided it is time to through this thing away but for some reason it was still alive. I felt very bad that I keep it confined for three days. So, instead of killing it I decided to let my enemy free. The good thing we both were happy. My enemy got its freedom and I didn’t have to kill it.

This made me think of men who kill other humans because they don’t like their race or their religion or because they have a different opinion. What these men are made of? Can Satan transform itself to look like a man?


2 thoughts on “Enemy, triumph and freedom

  1. How nice that you let this scary creature free. From time to time I’ve had mercy on insects – especially spiders that I find in my house – and carried them outside instead of squashing them.

    And,yes, I think Satan can take the form of a man or indwell humans somehow with his evil spirit. I think the world is full of examples.


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