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Picture America: Tree Grates

Very practical and useful but maybe not the best way to beautify a tree.


11 thoughts on “Picture America: Tree Grates

    1. Aren’t they to keep people from tripping into the little tree pit? Because we don’t watch where we’re walking, I mean. /drive-by comment from Susanne’s blog


      1. Hey, even before texting was a thing this could be a problem! I don’t usually go shopping at the mall alone so I’d always be walking and talking with my friends. It’s really easy to walk into a hole that way! :p (And oh, wow, I kind of feel old now, I remember when the trees inside our mall didn’t have those grates around them.)

        Not that that has ever happened to *me*, of course. *looks shifty*

        (Hi Susanne! *waves*) 😀


      2. Hello Amber- Thanks for stopping by 🙂
        I walk zigzag when I am on campus. Students on campus used to be plugged with earbuds now they text-while-walking and some of them do both. I have to avoid them or else they will hit me 🙂


      3. Hello Jaraad,

        Zigzag walking is pretty much the only way to get anywhere, I’ve found. Otherwise you get stuck behind slower traffic or run over by people who are too busy tweeting or updating their FBs.


      4. I am a fast walker as well. I get irritated walking behind people on their phone 🙂 Or when I am in my car at a stop sign and someone is crossing the street walking in slow motion because he/she is on the phone.


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