My Five Strengths: Connectedness

This semester, I started a new job on campus as a Web Developer for our university’s career center. I like the environment of my new job so much. We have a very nice boss. I am learning a lot about how to conduct meetings without making employees feel bored. At the beginning of the meeting our boss asks each one to share Happy Thoughts. It is a great way to make everyone starts with a positive attitude. New employees are asked to a take a 30 minute StrengthsQuest Survey. Here is what this survey is about:

Many years of research conducted by The Gallup Organization suggest that the most effective people are those who understand their strengths and behaviors… A review of the knowledge and skills you have acquired can provide a basic sense of your abilities, but an awareness and understanding of your natural talents will provide true insight into the core reasons behind your consistent successes.
Your Signature Themes report presents your five most dominant themes of talent, in the rank order revealed by your responses to StrengthsFinder. Of the 34 themes measured, these are your “top five.”

My first strength is Connectedness. I was shocked when I read what connectedness is. I feel it describes me perfectly. My boss told me that very few people have this strength and it is a very positive thing to have it as a first strength. Okay, enough bragging 🙂 To understand and improve my five strengths I will share it with you. Because we also need not take these strengths for granted.

1. Connectedness

Things happen for a reason… You are sure of it because in your soul you know that we are all connected. Yes, we are individuals, responsible for our own judgments and in possession of our own free will, but nonetheless we are part of something larger… you gain confidence from knowing that we are not isolated from one another or from the earth and the life on it. This feeling of Connectedness implies certain responsibilities. If we are all part of a larger picture, then we must not harm others because we will be harming ourselves. We must not exploit because we will be exploiting ourselves. Your awareness of these responsibilities creates your value system. You are considerate, caring, and accepting. Certain of the unity of humankind, you are a bridge builder for people of different cultures. Sensitive to the invisible hand, you can give others comfort that there is a purpose beyond our humdrum lives. The exact articles of your faith will depend on your upbringing and your culture, but your faith is strong. It sustains you and your close friends in the face of life’s mysteries.


9 thoughts on “My Five Strengths: Connectedness

  1. I tell you sometimes the attitude of the boss can make or break the job! I had once a self centered, arrogant boss that drove everybody nuts..not like “The Office” boss but close !
    It is important to keep employees engaged in any meeting, make them feel important and part of a large team.
    Nice traits you have and You are absolutely right, moderation is key to everything !


    1. You are absolutely right. A bad boss can make a job a living hell. I once had a boss who used to email me at 11pm asking me to do a task and the next day at 8:30 he would ask if I finished the task. True story!
      I am sure there are real Michael Scott in this world if not worse.
      Thanks you!


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