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Picture America: Promoting Christianity on Campus

A woman on campus spreading the word about Jesus. This is something common here on my campus. A  Christian man sometimes hand students pocket size bibles for free. Some other Christians come to campus and talk passionately about controversial issues like homosexuality and abortion. Also they talk in general about sins, punishments and repentance.



13 thoughts on “Picture America: Promoting Christianity on Campus

  1. That is a ridiculously over sized sign.

    *stares at the last line for a few minutes* Nope. I have Thor on the tv, cookies in the oven and a cat trying to eat my fingers as I type. It is too late for me to ponder why any one would suggest that.


  2. Since you wrote a comment I have a question 🙂 I think I have seen bibles with old and new testaments combined in one book, am I right? If so, why that sign says “Read the new testament alone?”


    1. ‘The Bible’ is a collection of the Old and New Testaments, yes. There is some variation between Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant churches as to which books they include in the Old Testament but they are *for the most part* the same across the Christian board. You can purchase a New Testament separately, for ease of transport since it’s much smaller than the Old Testament and to be honest I think most Christians focus on the New Testament since that’s where the life of Christ and what of his teachings were written down is recorded. And since the majority of Christians don’t believe that they have to follow the Old Testament laws (except in certain instances where it serves themselves), they just don’t read it as much as they do the New.

      I’m just guessing as to why her sign says ‘Read the New Testament – Alone’ but there are some Christian groups who reject the Old Testament due to ‘problems’ within it and solely base their faith on the New Testament. Which I did not know until I started looking into it because of this sign! I personally don’t get it since without the Old Testament they’re missing a great deal of context and the prophecies that Jesus is said to fulfil as the Jewish Messiah.

      I thought maybe the Bible verses at the end of her sign might be ones that her group uses to support their perspective but they’re related to the whole ‘Jesus can heal you, he died for you, he is God’ part of the message.


  3. I wonder what group she is with. I rarely hear people say to discard the OT so that is an odd suggestion in my experience. Oh well, there are all types. I suppose just as there are Quran-only Muslims, there are also NT-only Christians who want to distance themselves from the Jewish laws or whatever. Hmmm


      1. Yes, I’ve been in church all my life and went to a Christian school and never heard it among anyone I know. I’ve heard it maybe among a few groups, but even then I am not sure. Some people prefer to focus on Jesus and not the harsh Jewish laws so maybe that’s why they said this. Is her sign’s NT-only message the reason you photographed her? Because it was strange to you? Most Christians I know really like Jews and the OT. In fact some of the best Bible stories are from the OT, and many people have OT names including several in my own family.


  4. No, I didn’t think about it much when I took the picture. I just liked to add it to my Picture America series. But after your and Amber’s reply it seems I got lucky taking picture of this uncommon sign 🙂


  5. When I first enrolled as a student at Mizzou, I remember I had to fill out a card about my religion and there were about 102 in the list of which more than 80% were Christian of various denominations. Do they still do that nowadays?


  6. well, like everyone else I wondered what is the (alone) is about? I think the comments explained it all.
    the sign is very big!
    I really don’t know that much about the geography of America, but what about that “sandy” storm? hope u r safe and away from any danger.


    1. الكيل بمكيالين
      Thanks for asking. I am fine here walhamdulilah. Hurricane Sandy is on the East coast. I live in the middle. Luckily, they don’t expect Sandy will reach Missouri.


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