Jaraad Won the Honorable Mention Award for Best Expat Blog in USA

Moving to USA

Yes, we can!

So, today the Expats Blog announced the winners of five countries including USA. Thanks to the lovely readers of Jaraad the blog received the Honorable Mention Award 2012. Chiara’s comment was chosen by the award organizers to accompany the award announcement. I would like to thank Chiara as well because she is the one who encouraged me to register at this website.



A special thanks goes also to Whisper who encouraged other readers of this blog to vote for me. She dedicated a post in Arabic for this purpose. I appreciate the effort.

I would like to thank every single person who wrote a comment or a review about this blog in the Expats Blog. Except for one person (Kawafha), none of you I have met in person. We have met only via this blog. I appreciate your time and effort for writing a comment and continuing reading this blog. Thank You!

A.Q.Jamhawi wrote 6 days ago:

an interestingly different perspective, he’s normally bold and thorough with the topics he blogs about, for those Arabs who’re interested in the American culture, and those Americans who’re interested in the Arabic culture, I find his blog, in a way .. educational ..

Lablabla4 wrote 6 days ago:

The American life from a Jordanian perspective. my reference for daily events, news, activities and American culture.

Rain wrote 1 week ago:

Smart, interesting blog. Always a pleasure to read.

LioneSS wrote 1 week ago:

Wish you all the best ***** Nice blog

Amber wrote 1 week ago:

One of my favorite blogs. Jaraad’s posts show me my own country in a whole new light.

Zena wrote 1 week ago:

its great blog.. i like it

Jumana =) wrote 1 week ago:

Awesome blogger, and totally worth every minute spent reading his writing! Whisper, thanks for introducing Jaraad’s blog =)

W7l wrote 1 week ago:

one of the best blog i ever read!! the topics are always interesting to be read, i really like it, keep going

Mayyasi wrote 1 week ago:

I like the way Jarad sees US through an Arab eye.

Hb wrote 1 week ago:

Jaraad is a great blog and deserves all the best.

Haitham wrote 1 week ago:

One of my constant checks on the web, a great blog indeed. Opens up a lot of venues to consider + reconsider cultural differences and their relatedness from a unique well-suited perspective. Thanks Jaraad for that.

Um Ommar wrote 1 week ago:

One of my favorite blogs to read 🙂

Roba Al-Assi wrote 1 week ago:

Interesting and intelligent blog with a great perspective on what it’s like being Arab in the USA.

Kinzi wrote 1 week ago:

I love Jaraad’s blog! I’m an American in Jordan, he’a a Jordanian in America, and I love the positive exchange of national superlatives. What I like best: he is not easily offended, he is a man of faith who, like Madeleine, ‘smiles at the good and frowns at the bad’where it is found in both cultures, both faiths, and both genders. BRAVO!

Jad wrote 1 week ago:

I have been reading Jaraad’s blog for ages and the blogger behind it is one of few cyber acquaintances that I would like to meet in real life.

ORANGEE wrote 1 week ago:

Every time i read jarad’s blog i feel optimistic & proud that we still have a well- educated and energetic arabs out there in the world in which we can always points to them and say : We need persons like those 🙂 a person that capture knowledge and experience from each chance and using it wisely !! i do love his simple language and the way he describes and justify things ^_^

Kawafha wrote 1 week ago:

This is a great blog to read good luck Jaraad

Chiara wrote 1 week ago:

This is an outstanding blog that provides excellent insight into Arab culture, American culture, and the cultural (mis-)understandings as the 2 meet in the USA or in the imaginations of anyone around the world. Jaraad favours genuinely open and fair dialogue, which never descends into culture bashing. I always read the posts and the comments, and often comment myself. This blog has been invaluable in itself, and a conduit for the blogs of others via their high quality comments here.

Aseel wrote 1 week ago:

One of my favorite blogs to read! Jaraad is very talented and very thoughtful in his posts. What I love about his posts is the way he introduces living in the USA and explaining the cultural differences and similarities in a very articulate way to a degree where you can actually imagine yourself there with his posts and beautiful pictures. The posts remain in your mind once you read them! That’s how good they are! My favorite posts are the one about the library and the pictures of it, the one on the lake with pictures of ducks and the post about first day of college!I really love this blog and I really hope it wins!

Naysan wrote 1 week ago:

great blog !

Whisper wrote 1 week ago:

I’m a regular reader for Jaraad’s blog and I’m not exaggerate if I say that I really liked and loved every and each post he wrote there. I’m sure that Jarrad deserve such an award Best luck

Susanne wrote 1 week ago:

A wonderful blog which shares life in the US from the perspective of a Jordanian man who is living in Missouri. I greatly enjoy the cultural posts and seeing life in my country through the eyes of another. Jaraad’s blog covers a variety of topics, and is among the best!


24 thoughts on “Jaraad Won the Honorable Mention Award for Best Expat Blog in USA

      1. الف شكر
        بما انو كل يوم بدي اكل كنافه فراح اجرب كل المحلات واعطيك تقيم من خمس درجات لكل محل :)ـ


  1. Congratulations! The award is most deserved, and especially impressive, given your recent entry into a large field.

    Kudos to Whisper as well! Good thinking!

    All the comments are interesting perspectives on how your blog impacts your readers.

    Congratulations again, and you are most welcome!


    1. هاهاها
      حلوه هاي شغلة الحلوان
      ليش انت ما بدك كنافه كمان ؟
      كل واحد صوتلي بطلعلوا اوقية كنافه :)ـ


      1. والله أنا صوتت.. وبما إنك عزمت وشديّت علي وحلفت أيمان…فاااااا أكيد راح أقبل الحلوان 🙂
        وبعدين يا هيثم أنا بإربد ممكن يصلني حلوان بجد وإنت إحلم بس 🙂


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