Picture Jordan: Dar As-Saraya

My hometown is called Irbid, located in the northwestern part of the kingdom. “The archaeological research and excavations have shown that human has settled there about 200,000 years ago. Irbid played an important role during the Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Islamic periods. Irbid has 4 of the Decapolis cities: Jadara, Pella, Guelbeh and Capitolias.” [Jordan Archaeological Heritage]

To see some of these civilizations’ history I recently visitedย Dar Al-Saraya Museum.ย The building of the museum was originally a castle built by the Ottomans in 1886. Its plan resembles castles and caravansaries founded by the Ottomans. Sarayaย means government building. This particular building was the governor’s house.

After the Ottomans, Irbid city used the building as a prison until 1994
Dar Al-Saray Museum Entrance

The location of Irbid on a crossroad junction connecting the north with the south and Palestinian coast attracted people from Syria and Palestine, especially merchants… In Irbid there are Armenians and Kurds, as reflected by some Irbidean family names, but also families originated from Palestine who came to the city from early times.



17 thoughts on “Picture Jordan: Dar As-Saraya

  1. What a great pictures Malik, a wonderful trip into history I give a credit to the people who converted this place from what it used to be to this Iconic place, unfortunately I am not sure how many people knew about it . Thanks for promoting Irbid as a place full of rich history


  2. Gosh I love museums! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lovely pictures, I’m glad you shared them with us.

    I just have one question – the second picture from the bottom, the one with the busts, what are those? Just busts that people had made or something else that just resembles busts?


    1. I too like such museums.
      There are many busts in the museums but I think they are just sculptures of no particular person. I added three more photos. The last one is out of focus but you can click on the picture to read the text. The second picture from the bottom is very interesting, women now wear very similar hair band the same way thousands of years ago.


    1. I read this yesterday. It is an interesting article. I think they did a good job. Unfortunately, from what I have seen nothing will change. Things are done slowly or never.


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