Picture Jordan: The Bride of the North

My home town, Irbid, is called the “Bride of the North.” Last Friday, I went with my family to the countryside. Although, it was December but the weather was warm and nice.

Going to Ash Shuna Ash Shamaliyya
Going to Ash Shuna Ash Shamaliyya


To get to this beautiful area we had to leave our IDs with the military border control unit. The officer said “Don’t cross [the border].” The purpose of such scattered border control units is to make sure no one of the Jordan side crosses the border to Israel.



Growing back my Star Trek ears as a sign of happiness


Orange tree
103_2958 (2)
The uncle with his nieces and nephews
My brother BBQing shish kabob Arabic style. Lamb meat, no beef

10 thoughts on “Picture Jordan: The Bride of the North

  1. Lovely pictures! I was thinking just yesterday that I was missing your posts so I’m glad to see these great photos today. Looks like a perfect day to have lamb kabobs and enjoy your family! And I am jealous of the warm weather! 🙂


    1. الحمدلله انبسطوا كثير علي. ما بعرف حبهم صادق لذاتي ولا لأني جبتلهم هدايا معاي :)ـ


  2. Very nice pictures and hash wa nash looks great, I am looking forward to be in Jordan again and again and again ….


    1. شكرا
      الطبيعه هون كثير حلوه
      بده الواحد يطلع احيانا من الاماكن الداخليه مثل المطاعم والمولات ويروح يزور الاماكن الخضره الموجوده في الشمال :)ـ


  3. ماشاء الله
    كل سنه باول الربيع واللي بستمر لاسبوعين فقط عنا بالاردن بحكي لاهلي لاااااازم نروح على اربد لان الكل بحكي عن الخضار و الجو الرائع هناك و ما بردو علي 😦

    مع انا كتير بنروح عالشونه ولكن ولا مره رحنا على ارض منبسطه …لازم طلعات و نزلات و حجار :$ وما بكون حوالينا خضار هيك

    تتهنو ان شاء الله 🙂


    1. صدقا اربد خلال اسبوعين الربيع جميله جدا جدا
      فيها كثير مناطق حلوه زي هيك
      ما سموها عروس الشمال من قليل :)ـ
      الله يهنيك. شكرا


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