Jaraad blog in 2012

Jaraad blog became my sanctuary. It is my not so private journal. When I am sad I write and when I am happy I also write. It became my companion living alone in my expat life. Unlike a private journal, a blog is more interactive. I am very lucky to meet wonderful people via my blog who some of them became my friends on Facebook.

Every year, WordPress sends annual report to its bloggers. Here are the two most important things in this 2012 annual report:

First, thanks to the following sites people were able to find my blog. In 2012, I noticed that more readers are sharing my posts via Facebook.


Second, a blog without readers is like a book deserted on the bookshelf. Thankfully, my blog readersship increase every year and along comes more comments. I am very glad that my blog made a new reader in 2012 who also became one of the top 5 commenters. Her name is Amber and she has a blog called Little Steps Home.


Finally, thank you for reading my blog. I hope Jaraad’s blog continues to improve.


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