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When do Americans read newspapers?

An Arab friend of mine delivers one of the local daily newspapers. Here is a conversation that took a place one day around 5:30 pm after he was done with his route.

Me: I still don’t understand your business. Did you just deliver today’s newspapers or tomorrow’s?
Him: Today.
Me: Who reads newspapers after 5 pm?
Him: You still think of the Arab culture. There employees buy newspapers in the morning and read it at work.
Me: I see. I have never seen an American reads newspaper at work. And this makes sense now since you deliver newspapers after midnight during the weekends.

Of course not all American newspapers are delivered after noon but at least I know of one and I know why now.

American employees, in general, work from 8 am to 5 pm. If their productivity level is measured in hours, the majority of them have a productivity level of 8 hours a day. That is, from 8 am to 5 pm, except the lunch hour, they work very hard. Because they know they may lose their job any day if they slack. America is no place for slackers or lazy people.

In Jordan and many other Arab countries, the productivity of many employees is definitely way less than 8 hours a day. Unless, we make sure that we all work as hard as possible and do our best no Arab Spring or whatnot can help us advance and be among the industrial countries.

Early Happy International Workers’ Day!

p.s. International Workers’ Day or Labors’ Day as know in the U.S. is celebrated on May 1st. In the USA it is observed on the first Monday in September.


10 thoughts on “When do Americans read newspapers?

  1. LOL I read the paper at work.

    But then, I do work at a newspaper, so it’s a legitimate use of my time.

    The paper is located in an area that is majority (though that’s slowly shifting) retirement age people, so if we delivered our paper in the afternoon we’d be out of business. The delivery time is supposed to be 5:30 am at the latest and if something goes wrong our customer service department gets their butts chewed by cranky older people who can’t eat their breakfast because they have no paper to read.


    1. It was a surprise to me to know that some newspapers are delivered afternoon or in the evening.
      This same friend told me on the weekends some old men wait for him early morning near the newspaper box or machine to pick the newspaper even before he puts the stack in the machine 🙂 So, I can understand when you say your newspaper needs to be delivered by 5:30 am.


  2. Just to be fair 🙂 In the Arab world reading newspaper at work happen only in certain department and/or agencies, were you have hundreds of employers while you need only tens of them to do the job, also in the Arab world try to read the newspaper at a private company the first thing you hear is YOU ARE FIRED I pay you to work not to read the paper 🙂
    I do work at a private company in USA and we do have daily news paper, some times we read it during lunch time. Beside now days we have the internet and the mobility we do keep up with the news in a different way …


    1. So, why the government feels it needs to hire 20 employees in a department where they only need 10? I agree with you that some employees in certain public offices or departments read newspapers because there is no much work to do. But of course this is one reason of many as well.


  3. الحلو ان بالمؤسسات الحكومية الجريده بتوصل كل يوم الصبح للمدراء مش للموظفين و مع انو في علاقات عامه معنيه بمتابعة الجرايد في حال كان في خبر يستدعي توضيح من المدير بخص وزارتنا او مؤسستنا
    ومع ان الافلام بتبين ان الموظفين بيجيبو الجرايد بس ليحلو الكلمات المتقاطعه وكلمة السر ولكن مع التطور التكتولوجي صارت الالعاب متوفره اكتر فاستغنو عنها 🙂
    وفعلا زي ما حكا المعلق السابق السبب الرئيسي الفراغ و قلة الشغل اللي ممكن واحد يعمله ومعينين 10 يعملوه و الحلوولاااا واحدمن ال 10 بنجزه

    اليوم و بعد فترة انقطاع الايميل قرر يبين انك نزلت تدوينه جديده 🙂


    1. مره كنت واقف على شباك في دائرة الترخيص بستنى الشخص المسؤول يجي عشان أعطيه معاملتي. مع الانتظار صار في وراي طابور. أخذت الموضوع بشكل عادي لانه ممكن الشخص يكون راح يلبي نداء الطبيعه زي ما بيقولوا. بعد شوي لقيت واحد قاعد على كرسي أبو عجلات وبدز حالو وهو على الكرسي حتى وصل على الشباك ومد أيده عشان أعطيه معاملتي. أنا من الصدمة ما عرفت احكي ولا كلمه. طبعا ليش صابتني صدمه لان حضرة جنابه كان بدردش مع موظف ثاني في موضوع بقراوه على الجريده على الشباك اللي جنبي تماماً. أنا ما خطر على بالي أبدا انه يكون هو المسؤول عن الشباك اللي أنا عليه لانه شافني واقف وكل شوي يطلع علي. بس لما شاف عدد المراجعين كثر حرك كرسيه.
      أنا فكرت انه كل شوي بطلع على الشباك لانه مش عارف وين الموظف راح واللي طلع هو.
      هاي التجربة المريرة كانت في منتصف التسعينات أنا على ثقه الآن انه بعد ما يقارب العقدين هاد الشيء انتهى تماماً وما عاد اله وجود، صح؟


      1. فكرت هالقصه صارت معك باخر زياره للاردن 🙂

        للاسف المشهد يتكرر مع ابداعات جديده في تعطيل المراجعين :$

        فطور ..قهوه الصباح..صلاه تستمر لساعه مرات
        الله يهدينا و يهديهم يا ﺭﺏ


  4. You reminded me of years ago when our local paper was delivered in the afternoon. I’d totally forgotten that since it’s been a morning paper for years now. I enjoyed your observations on this.


    1. I would have never understand why delivering a newspaper afternoon if my friend didn’t explain it to me. But I understand that even for people who buy their newspapers in the morning they read it in the early morning, before they head to work.


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