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Americans are aware of the crises in the Middle East

Yesterday at 11 pm, I received an email from one of my employers. She is an American professor.

Hi Malik

I hope that your friends and family in Jordan are staying safe with all that is happening in nearby Syria.  The news just seems to get worse and worse from that corner of the world.    Just wanted you to know that I am thinking about you.


From her email, one might think she knows a lot about me. Actually, she does not. We meet once a semester and then continue our communication via emails. She is not on Facebook to read my status and I had never told her anything about my family. All what she knows about me which I mentioned only once is that I am from Jordan.

Back in 2005, another American professor, who I was her TA, stopped me in the department’s hall and asked me about my family in Jordan when she heard about the 2005 bombings in Amman. Many other Arab graduate students shared with me their American advisers’ concern about their family in Egypt or Syria or where ever that student is from.

These type of emails or the small kind gestures or words from the American professors might seem insignificant to some people but it has a huge effect on these foreign Arab students in the U.S. who are doing their best while being away from their families and friends. This is something modest that I wanted to share with the Arab readers about something they do not hear about from the media.


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