The Sea of Galilee and Jesus Cave

For people of the book the Levant (known in Arabic as al-Shaam) is like no place on earth. It is the land of the prophets, they call it the holy land. The region is full of history. In the U.S., I visited places where they built a replica of a small city that depicts how the city looked like less than two hundred years ago. In the Levant, there is no replica, you can shop in the same Souq people shopped at hundreds even thousands of years ago. There, some people still bake bread in their homes, eat pressed olive oil and olive picked by the entire family from their olive trees. This land is so vibrant and full of life it was occupied by tens of civilizations through the ages; Romans, Greeks, Arabs, and many many more.

Alas, you would think a place called the holy land would be a peaceful place as well.

Last December, 2012, I visited Jordan. In the videos below I visited a beautiful place called Umm Qais (see some pictures here), North of Jordan. Jordan is 98% desert. My family lives within the 2% area, which is Irbid located north of Jordan. It is a beautiful mountain area.

A tour guide told us he would take us to a place where we can have a better view over the Sea of Galilee and see the cave of Jesus peace be upon him (the second video). So, away from the hustling city of Irbid and the unending political conflicts in the region enjoy these videos:


3 thoughts on “The Sea of Galilee and Jesus Cave

  1. I never heard that Jesus (pbuh) lived in a cave in Umm Qais. He may have passed by there for a few days but I don’t know about living there. Did you know that Adam (pbuh) and Eve were cast out from heaven onto Syria? How do we know this? Because an official from the Ba’ath party was there to document the event. The Assad regime always states that Adam came down from heaven to Syria. According to them that is an undisputed fact.


    1. I don’t think an archaeologist discovered this cave and decided it is a cave that Jesus (pbuh) has lived in for couple of days or so. Things in that region are known by continuity. People who live near that cave were told by their ancestors that Jesus (pbuh) had used this cave.
      That is, I think, why there is only a sign with a name but no information behind why Jesus (pbuh) was there or what he did there.

      The Ba’ath party is a joke.


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