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Obama’s Selfie and Al Arabiya

Al Arabiya is the second biggest news media in the Arab world after Al Jazeera. But their caption on the most famous selfie is a farce. Yesterday, a selfie of the U.S. President, Denmark’s Prime Minister and British Prime Minster went viral in all news media. The caption in the picture below is very similar in any other news media.


And here is the same picture with Al Alrabiya’s caption in Arabic. The translation of the caption is “A selfie of Obama, the blonde neighbor and David Cameron.” It seems according to Al Arabiya it is more impressive being a blonde than being the Prime Minister of Denmark.


The article mentions that ‘the blonde’ is Helle Thorning-Schmidt the Prime Minister of Denmark. But to call the Denmark’s PM a blonde without addressing her title or her name doesn’t fall under Journalism standards. Also, the article mentions that the Denmark’s PM is five years Obama’s junior. So, readers need to know this why?

This article is posted on Al Arabiya’s front page. One of the most influential news agency in the Arab world published a piece that fits to be published in The Onion.


3 thoughts on “Obama’s Selfie and Al Arabiya

  1. Interesting! I saw an Arab guy post a collage of photos from this event, and I said I couldn’t understand his writing (since it was in Arabic), but the photos told an interesting story. Anyway, he wrote back:

    “women are the same.. however , whatever , whenever ,, wherever …. and I’ll sign with blood for that .”


    ” the head for the description .. ( Statues ) :
    priceless moment … , Mr. & Ms. Obama with the blond prime minster of Denmark … in Mandela funeral”



    1. Actually, the Arabs and the Americans reacted differently to this collage of photos. The Americans were concerned that the selfie was inappropriate during the service. Arabs made joke of how in the third picture the First Lady sat between the president and the Denmark’s PM, after in the first picture he was having fun with the Denmark’s PM who in Al Arabia article referred to her simply as the blonde. So The talk about this picture is not that it is inappropriate but how the First Lady forbade her husband from having fun with the blonde implying that the First Lady was jealous as well.


      1. Yeah, I saw a few references to the jealousy thing from Americans. It’s interesting to see how people read these pictures and what they took from them. Good to see you blogging again.


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