5 Things Americans Like

  1. Surprises. Americans love to surprise others. This behavior became more noticeable with the spread of the internet and the ease of uploading videos to YouTube. The three top surprises are:
    • A man surprises his girlfriend with a marriage proposal.
    • A soldier returning from Afghanistan surprises his kid at school.
    • Practical jokes.


  2. Football. If you are a male, you can easily make friends or socialize with Americans by learning about the American football. This is especially important if you go to school.
  3. football

  4. Dogs. NEVER EVER SAY UNCOMPLIMENTARY THING ABOUT DOGS. Dog owners consider their dog a member of the family. Imagine how you will feel if someone says something nasty about your child. Once while sitting outside Starbucks, an old lady asked a young woman to tighten her dogโ€™s leash because he was blocking the sidewalk. Although, the young lady apologized but she felt very offended. She started speaking against the old woman when she left.
  5. dogs

  6. SUVs, trucks and vans. Basically, the bigger the better. Elegant German cars are considered impractical.
  7. truck

  8. Ham and Bacon. Bacon. Bacon. Americans eat bacon for breakfast, lunch, dinner and as snack food. They add it to their salads, pizzas, soups and sandwiches. If you donโ€™t eat pork, you have to ask if your food contains pork. When at a restaurant always be in doubt and assume nothing. Here, the bean soup for example is not a vegetarian dish, ham is as a main ingredient as bean in this soup.
bean soup
Ham & White Bean Soup

The featured image is from thegroomlist.


8 thoughts on “5 Things Americans Like

  1. I love reading your observations about life here!

    I thought of one the other night: I wonder what people like Malik think of us when we have cultural wars like the recent Duck Dynasty thing. Are you familiar with it? I had one Syrian guy living in Tennessee ask who this person (Phil Robertson) was and why was he in the news so I didn’t want to assume everyone knew even though it was all over my Facebook news feed.

    As for your list: the bacon-everything craze is startling to me. It seemed to come out of nowhere a couple of years ago. Yes,bacon tastes good, but it is rare that I eat it. Yet, I see all these “I love bacon” memes and shirts and I’ve even seen bacon Christmas ornaments! But, yes, you are right: pork is used quite a lot here to flavor things like soup. Even if you didn’t see those ham pieces in the soup, a ham bone could have been used to flavor it. The same with things like baked beans. Pork is not taboo for most of us so why not use something that has such a great flavor and feeds many people? ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am not such a fan of dogs, but you are right: for some, they are practically their children! This is often true of cats as well.

    I think German cars are OK, but I’ve heard the parts are very expensive if you need to get them repaired. Plus German cars are expensive to begin with, aren’t they? I don’t price cars much. I drive the same Honda we bought nearly a dozen years ago. Andrew has asked if I wanted a newer car for a few years now, but I don’t mind my car so I’ve kept it.

    Ah, football!

    Yes, the soldier-surprising-the-child thing — I see that one often.

    Great observations!


    1. Yes, I am aware of the Duck Dynasty’s recent issue. The huffingtonpost is the first thing I read in the know what is going on in America. I also see lots of Salon’s articles on my Facebook feed. So, I am usually well informed of America’s pop culture ๐Ÿ™‚
      I used to think that the issue is between conservative and liberals until a Christian friend told me that this man said “black people were happy under Jim Crow law.” This confused me because this is no longer a conservative-related issue it is racism. But to be honest I don’t have an opinion about this because I don’t know the whole story. Any way, I am not a fan of the selective usage of “Freedom of Speech” slogan.

      Arabs LOVE German cars. Enough said ๐Ÿ™‚
      You don’t have a dog and drive a Honda. I don’t know the name of the female equivalent’s of American Joe. But I think you are not the average Joe ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for the comment.


  2. It’s all about instant gratification. Americans don’t plan or think far enough into the future which is their weakness. Be careful even when you eat vegetarian dishes because many cook vegetables in lard (pork fat). Dogs are OK but many dog owners are stupid.


    1. I am not sure whether Americans plan their future well or not. It is hard for me to tell.
      But I know most Americans use their credit card in a poor way.

      Yes, I am aware of the lard. I sometimes ask but I know I should always ask but forget. I like to eat Indian food anyway ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. I had to go all the way back to late September to find your post, and was not able to leave a comment, but I wanted to say I hope you continue your series on Russia and the Arab world at some point. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Was it that long? I have another friend also keeps pushing me to continue the series. I think I should before the semester starts. Thank you.


  4. Susanne430- I’m curious- in what part if the US do you live? For someone that calls the great US of A home, you actually seem to be less familiar with the culture than Malik- also, what do YOU think about the Duck Dynasty controversy? You never said ; ) cheers


    1. Less familiar, how? Nothing he said surprised me about many Americans. I’m just not as enthused over bacon and dogs and SUVs as many. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Now if you are talking movies, indeed. I watch very few.

      I live in North Carolina. Many people here like bacon, dogs, surprises, football, and going to movies. And, oh, trucks are popular here. We have one in our driveway…when my husband is home. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Hmmm, about Duck Dynasty. People have the right to their opinions and free speech. That doesn’t mean you are free from reactions and consequences to what you say. And A&E can, of course, reward or “punish” people they employ. I get tired of cultural wars as they seem to bring out the worst in people, but I’ll take fights about these silly things any day to what people in some areas of the world fight – and kill – over.

      What about you, Meg? Do you live in the US? What do you think of Duck Dynasty?


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