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Picture America – Praying in public

In the U.S. some states are more religious than others. Southern states are the most religious, the Mid West states are considered conservative and the least religious states are located in the West and the North East.

Here in Columbia, MO., a small city in the Mid West, it is hardly that I have been to Panera Bread and not seen at least one table were people pray. On many occasions, I have seen people reading the Bible at Panera as well.

Two women praying at Panera Bread
Two young women praying at Panera Bread

9 thoughts on “Picture America – Praying in public

  1. Nice to see something like that in public, America is about diversity in everything, what about seeing other religion followers practicing their believe, is it common in MW?


    1. No, I haven’t seen any. I know some Muslims will pray in public if they can’t find a mosque. I am not sure about other religions though.


    1. Brett- As always thanks for your support. I am very honored to see my post made it to Albawab’s blog roundup headline. I am very delighted every time I see one of the posts made it to the BR. Thanks you!


  2. Interesting. I was born and raised a Christian and I remember my mother going into full prayer for various reasons. I think it is difficult for Muslims because of how we are looked at, and also because of how the prayer is performed.

    My childhood friend was confused about (still is) about Islam. She asked how come we having to “go through all of that” to pray…you know prostrating and everything. I think people don’t know about making dua etc, they think we just “go through the motions” of performing the 5 prayers and that’s it.


    1. I agree with you that it is more difficult for Muslims to pray in public. Here in the US, I don’t like to pray in public. I usually try to find the nearest mosque or else I wait till I arrive home. Understandably, with all the bad publicity, people get suspicious when they see Muslim men praying in public. While traveling with three other friends, we couldn’t find a nearby mosque so we prayed in the farthest corner of a mall parking lot. When we were done, we found two police cars waiting behind us. They didn’t talk to us but they left as soon as we rode our car.


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