Life, love and coffee


I wake up before the sunrise to get ready to go to the Masjid (mosque). In the five minutes’ drive from my home to the Masjid I see some people running while it is still pitch-dark. I call them crazy but at the same time admire their dedication. I think to myself what makes some people want to wake up before the dawn and do something they are not forced to do.

Fajr prayer is the first of the five mandatory prayers. Two rows of Muslim men- Arabs, Asians, Africans, Americans and Europeans- pray behind a Somali Imam. We listen with reverence while the Imam recites verses from the Quran in his enchanting and modulated voice.

After the prayer I go to Starbucks for my dose of American coffee. But it is not just the coffee that I crave. It is the scene of people entering the coffee shop; mothers coming for alone time after sending their children to school. Both blue and white collar workers coming for a sip of caffeine before their 8 hour shift. Senior retired couples come maybe not for the coffee but to celebrate their love and life. Sometimes I see middle age men buying their coffee and sitting for hours. Some read newspapers others try to chat with other customers. I wonder how long they have been without work. This place is their refuge from home. For some unemployed men being out is the best way to not think about their problems and to maintain their sanity. Sometimes I see a father with his daughter; they spend a couple of hours in the coffee shop. He is on his computer and she draws things. The little girl asks her father to see her drawings every time she draws an object. Today is his turn to see his daughter and spend some time with her. Divorce is an ugly thing.

While invading peoples’ space with my thoughts, I receive a couple of pictures from my sister via WhatsApp. In one picture my brother-in-law with his daughter and two sons laughing. In another picture my nephews and niece on their bicycles smiling. I can hear them giggling. An instant snapshot of a happy moment sent from 6,000 miles away.

While smiling back to the pictures, I receive a phone call from my mother. She is so happy with her new high-tech skill. Who would imagine you can make free international phone calls now. She wanted to know why I didn’t answer her FaceTime call. Gone are the days when my brother had to set up the webcam and the desktop for my parents to Skype with me.

I finish my coffee and thank God for this lovely morning.

Life is not without hurdles. Only when you know how to cherish your good moments, whatever short they are, you can overcome life’s hurdles.


17 thoughts on “Life, love and coffee

  1. I hit post button before finishing! (yalla 3aaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!) 😛

    Thanks for sharing your day. A day portraying -for me- that we are “really” connected. Humans are souls marching on their feet, bombarded with thoughts & feelings trying to find a path, no matter what. A reflective moment like the one(s) u shared resembles that to + for me. Thanks!

    * I have no idea what facetime call is (& not going to google it) , Allah y5aleelak al 7ajjih o kol 7babak o tshofhom 3an qareeb


    1. Haitham- you have been missing. Why you stopped writing about your experience in grad school and in … (forgot where). But I know it is a Celtic lace, right?
      FaceTime is an app for iPad for video chat.

      I think the more we travel and meet people the more we sympathize and like others.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  2. I`m trying to steal time from here and there to post things but just can`t! Commenting does not suffice but no-can-do-much 🙂
    We r in Glasgow – cooooooooooold Glasgow that is.

    Thanks for telling me/us that it is an app, no wonder I`ve never heard of it 😀

    Hope your time is going smooth in the states, and tea it up a bit, it`s worth it 😉 #joke


  3. Yes, Glasgow. I remember now. If have written more about it I wouldn’t forget it 🙂
    I drink tea but not daily. I like tea but my only problem with it is I only like it with sugar. And for sure I need no more sugar in my stomach.


  4. Best way to have tea is without sugar. No overpriced Starbucks and no overrated Apple products makes life a sweet ride.


    1. I only drink regular coffee which is the same price as in any other coffee house. I am not a fan of any other hot drink like mocha, latte, etc.
      We have an Arabic proverb “the one whose hand is in fire is not like one who is not.” Couple of hundreds is a cheap tax you pay to see your loved ones especially whe you haven’t been able to see them for years.


      1. That’s OK… you can skype on Dell, HP, Asus, Acer, Intel Untrabooks, Chromebooks, etc… who needs Apple?


  5. كتير بوستات رايحه علي وانا موعارفه
    كلهم حلوين كالعاده لكن هاي بالذات حبيتها كتير
    تغيير عن نوعيه كتاباتك بالعاده يمكن لانها طلعت مباشره من القلب للكيبورد 🙂

    تدوينه بتدفعك تحتفظ بالابتسامه من اولها لاخرها

    نهارك سعيد صديقي


    1. سعيد جداً بالتعليق وأسعد بالكلام الجميل. شكرًا لك
      سررت لما ذكرتي انها بتدفع القارئ للابتسامة
      بانتظار قراءة الجديد لك 🙂


  6. “بانتظار قراءة الجديد لك”

    يا مالك يااااااااااااااااااااااااا مالك !
    شو بتقول .. احنا ما صدقنا

    (no worries, I don`t think she got it,, maybe the reply can help fasten the “blogging_recovery” process) ;D


    1. انا عارف انك كتبت هيك عشان تخلي في ردة فعل عند ويسبر وتصير تكتب :). هو في حد ما بحب يقراء تدوينات ويسبر
      وبانتظار كمان الكيل بمكيالين عامله بيات شتوي يمكن 🙂 وانت كمان غلاسكو نزعت أخلاقك وبطلت تكتب


  7. Do you not drink sugar in your coffee? I love this post! I love that you can talk with your mom while you are at the coffee shop, and I like that you visit the mosque so early in your day.

    Do you chat with people in the coffee shop most days or just observe?


    1. I can’t drink coffee if there is a hint of sugar in it.
      Unless someone started the conversation I don’t initiate it.
      Just to be clear I am not one of those people who speak loudly in closed spaces. When I am on the phone I go outside the coffee shop and talk.


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