Turkey 1986

On my last trip to Jordan last year (2013), I brought with me all my father’s 35 mm slides. Converting these slides to digital images is not cheap.  Each slide costs ¢0.50. The first batch I converted at Walmart, but since I have many of these I am working on doing this manually. I found some good videos on YouTube to convert 35 mm slides to digital photos using a digital camera.

These pictures were taken during a family trip to Turkey, circa 1986. In the pictures are me, my sister, Nervana, and my brother, Arab.



7 thoughts on “Turkey 1986

    1. No need for Instagram photo editing to give a nostalgic feeling to the picture 🙂
      I vividly remember the trip. Istanbul is the most beautiful city ever.


      1. Right u r! It takes away something from them once “effected”
        I wish I can visit one day! One of the rare cities that I never heard a complain about from people who`ve been there.


  1. Good Memories… are the sweetest thing about life, I can hear the sound of the metal slide ..:)


    1. No, Arab is not a common name. My father’s friends used to call him ‘Abu Arab’ even before he was married and had children. Even after I came his friends out of habit instead of calling him ‘Abu Malik’ they called him ‘Abu Arab.’ So, my father decided that one of his children should be called Arab.


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