Can a nation solve a cultural problem?

Yesterday in Florida, a 71-year-old man shot a man after a dispute over texting in the theater. Today, a 12-year-old boy shot 2 classmates at school in New Mexico.

While pondering why such incidents happen often in the USA, a brain cell reminded me of Jordan’s own troubles. Last year alone, there were 29 campus fights. Most of them ended up with someone being stabbed and guns were used.  In some incidents, the national security had used tear gas to stop the violence.

Why people are getting easily irritated? And when they do, why they opt for violence as a resolution? Why some people no longer think of the consequences before they commit their crime?

In the USA, some people are advocating gun control to reduce the mass or public shooting incidents. In Jordan, some people are advocating for harsher punishment for the culprits to make students think twice before getting involved in a campus fight.

I don’t know why these shooting incidents happen in the USA. But, as an outsider of the culture I find Americans are more exposed to screen violence than any other nation. I am not aware of another nation that has more violence in its movies than in the USA. Even their video games are terribly violent. I don’t know if this is linked to the school shooting incidents that keep happening in the USA or not. It would be a good starting point to reduce violence in movies and video games.

In Jordan, the reasons behind campus violence are also not very clear.  But the tribal culture plays a role in fueling these fights. Although it is not the only reason, but it is a major one.

For a nation to solve a recurring problem, it has to:

  1. Admit it has a problem.
  2. Keep the citizens informed about the details of an incident. In Jordan, for example, the numbers of injured are always vague.
  3. Establish a special research organization that aims to collect data, analyze and study the reasons behind the violent incidents. The organization should be well funded to include researchers and university professors of different tracks. They will then produce a report that includes suggested solutions to the nation epidemic problem.
  4. Publish the outcome of the study to the public
  5. Execute the solutions


4 thoughts on “Can a nation solve a cultural problem?

  1. USA- With the privatization of prisons in a highly capitalist society…i don’t know.
    Many Americans see guns as the problem, not people. That’s the best place to start.


  2. When I moved to Columbia, MO in 2004 the city was very safe. College students usually stay late at night and it was very safe for everybody to walk on campus or near the campus after 11 pm. Unfortunately now it is not what it used to be. I would not walk alone even on campus after 11 pm. There were many cases of someone pulling a gun or a knife on a student to steal their backpack hoping there is a laptop.
    Last year was very bad. Almost every week or so someone is shot at a Gas station.
    On campus, there are many cases of theft and rape that were hardly seen before.
    All happened after I think the economy collapse in 2009.


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