Snow 2014 – Part II

As far as I remember in the past ten years we never had two days off because of heavy snow. The campus usually closes for one day to give the city time to clear the snow from the streets. This week, the campus closed for two consecutive days because of the snow storm. I copied the following from the university’s website:

Storm shuts down campus for eighth time in Mizzou’s 175-year history.

So yesterday was our second day off. Because I can’t stay at home I decided to walk to the down town which is about two miles from where I live. The walk wasn’t easy because there was so much snow, I had to walk on the street because the sidewalk was not cleared yet. You can see here some pictures of the first day of snow.

The parking lot was still not cleared of snow. My car on the left covered in snow
Most of the residents in this apartment complex are students. It seems most residents were was having more sleep today
The 9th street in the Downtown
Missouri School of Journalism. The first J school in the USA and also one of the best
Journalism School
“Two stone lions, which once guarded a Confucian temple in Nanking, China, were given to the School of Journalism by the Chinese government as an act of international goodwill May 7, 1931, during the 22nd annual Journalism Week.”
Missouri School of Journalism
A view to the 9th street

DSCF5462 DSCF5463

And finally Starbucks for a hot cup of coffee

Here are some more pictures from the university’s website:
Snow Day
Go(Pro) Mizzou!


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