You are not alone


The following stories will not necessarily make you feel better about your life, but bear with me here:

  1. I haven’t seen any 20 something woman loves children that much like her. She adored all children and always had time to play with them. I used to think if she likes children that much she will love her children even more. She got married, 15 years ago. Her first child yet to come.
  2. In college, they found love. They decided to get married as soon as they graduate. Marrying young who you love is the dream of any young couple. First child had chronic health problems. Life became so exhausting.
  3. He decided to help his mother and younger brothers and sisters by pursuing his PhD. He thought earning his PhD will improve their lifestyle and maybe find a better home for his mother and siblings away from the abusive father. He saved some money and traveled away. He loves his mother so much, his father not much. Last year in his study, he lost his mother. He yet to find meaning for his travel and PhD.
  4. He started working in his father’s business at age 15. He and his family lived a good life. Now, at age 55 he lost his business he spent 40 years building because of the war.

I know many more stories, but then you also know some. These are not fictional stories. These are stories of people you know, maybe a next of kin, a distant cousin or a close friend.squarel

But what is your story? I am sure you have one. Everybody has one. Are you middle-age and still waiting for your significant other?  Are you a woman dreaming for a better change in her life? Are you a man who has not the slightest idea how to pay his debt back?

So, what is that thing you are looking for to happen or stop happening? I am sure you know exactly what it is. There are only two possibilities here. Either this thing will happen or stop happening over a period of time or it will never. The good and the bad news is we don’t know which one will take place.

I will not tell you any crap I read from the many self help books like to think positive or visualize your dream.  I just want you to know that the other person you think he or she had it all has their own thing to deal with as well. You are not alone. If you have a chronic illness you are not alone. If you don’t feel safe you are not alone. If you are in debt you are not alone.  If you are in a bad relationship you are not alone. And if you are dreaming for a better life you are definitely not alone. 

Think about your problem sometime but not all the time. And be assured whatever your problem is some other people have it way worse than you. Find something however small you think is to enjoy part of your day and give you strength to hope for a better tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “You are not alone

  1. This is life and the only choice is to deal with it, Thanks for the post Malik and thanks haitham for the video


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