20 things you learn after 40


Last Friday, March 14th, 2014 I became 41. Here are some of the things I have learned becoming a single middle-age man:

  1. Your friends stop getting married because they already are.
  2. But, you will start hearing divorce cases among your friends.
  3. In the rare cases, any of your friends getting married it is his second.
  4. You unfold the truth that being married and having children doesn’t necessarily mean one is happier than people who don’t have children or are not married.
  5. “I am seeing or visiting my grandparents” is something neither you nor your friends can do anymore.
  6. Your friends go to Chuck E. Cheese’s.
  7. Sometimes when you speak on the phone with a friend the noise you hear in the background feels like he is in a mall or his children’s school. But, the truth is he is in his house, and they are not having a birthday party. It is just a normal Tuesday.
  8. Giving candies to your friends’ children is a no brainer if you seek their acceptance and their lovely chat with you.
  9. Be prepared to hear a college age man or woman call you ‘uncle’ just because you are a friend of their father. How dare they do that.
  10. Your friends get involved in what is universally known as a “family vacation.”
  11. Your visits to doctors are no longer for a seasonal flu or breaking your arm while playing sport.
  12. Your doctor will refer you to a ‘specialist’ because what you have is beyond his general medical experience.
  13. Your medicine is not limited to the size of the drug bottle, you now refill your medication. Ironically, on the other hand, at this age, you stop refilling soda or coffee.
  14. Your Facebook feed is hijacked by pictures of your friends’ children.
  15. Announcements of buying a new house or land is seen on your Facebook feed now.
  16. The process of building a new house is picturized and also appears on your Facebook feed.
  17. Your boss may be younger than you
  18. You feel you must exercise not just to lose weight but also because you must be healthy.
  19. Peer pressure, what is that?
  20. You become less obsessed with what others think of you, what you wear or what you do.

17 thoughts on “20 things you learn after 40

  1. اولا كل عام وانت بالف خير متأخره ولكن الحق عالفيسبوك اللي ما قام بواجبه 😛

    عجبني كتير البوست وجد اسعد نهاري
    برأي اهم شي النفسيه ومدام النفسيه بالعلالي الحياه بتكون جميله جدا باي عمر

    ان شاء الله كل ايامك تكون جميله ومثل ما بتحب واحسن

    التعليق السابق دليل على عدم التركيز و غلطة التعليق من الموبايل وما اله علاقة ابدا بالعمر وتأثيرة اكيد 🙂


  2. Happy bday ya Malik 🙂 although I`m a bt cross at you bkoz u reminded me bwt aging o haik 😀 (at least I remembered that, not that old after all shiklo)

    * I can happily report that I have no idea what Chuck E. Cheese’s is (googled it and found a mouse laughing at me) :O

    ** 14, 15, & 16 do not apply to non-facebookers “phew”

    *** 19 has always been my fav. # 😉

    **** 17 = been there! 😦

    ***** 20 = I started that b4 reaching 29 (lost enormous number of friends ever since) haha

    & the grand finaleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (this is how WE spell it in Glasgow) I used stars (*s) to show that I still have good vision – I used the explanatory (*s) for people who r 956 yrs (AKA nana whisperZ)

    Allah ya36eek el si77a wl rawagan o ya36eek ta yirdeek o akthar


    1. Ahlan, Haitham! Thanks for your comment.
      Being an expat you should give Facebook a second chance. It is really a good way to stay connected with friends and relatives back home. You will miss all these pictures your friends will post 🙂 Also, you will see tons of posts like the ones I wrote about in في مسألة تغييب العقل
      Chuck E. Cheese’s is a family oriented place for children to play and eat Pizza.
      Not many people have #19 and #20. The good thing they improve by age.
      Glad to see you comment here 🙂


      1. We don`t have “that” here (sad face + a tear). haha
        About facebook: I`m going to miss out on all the pictures from friends AND relatives? That`s the point! 😀
        We need less connectivity not more, don`t we? 😉


  3. هههههه
    أول حلقه كل سنه وإنت سالم

    ينعاد عليك يارب

    وثاني حلقه رح أعمل كوبي بيست بس أوصل ال إن الله أحيانا 40,, حتى لو مليش دخل


  4. Happy belated birthday. I am in Amman now and not as plugged in online as I usually am. Facebook??? What’s that???


    1. Thank you! Glad you found the time to read my blog in Amman 🙂 Hope you enjoy your time there.
      I can’t say you are missing a lot not being on Facebook but I have to say sometimes it is entertaining.


  5. Well, Im still in my 30s and been there already!
    Happy Birthday Malik 😀

    When I started working 10 years ago, I was the youngest! This year they hired a new girl, she was born in 1991, how painful is that?!


    1. hahaha so you are no longer the youngest 🙂
      Yes, some of the things I mentioned go back to when I was in my 30s as well.
      Nice to see your comment again 🙂


  6. هالمرة رح اكتب بالعربي
    اول شيء كل عام وانت بالف خير اخ مالك
    الحياة والإنجازات والأصدقاء واللحظات كلها بحلوها ومرّها لا تُقاس بالعمر
    انت عشت حياتك وحققت وستحقق ان شاء الله ما تأمل


    1. شكرا جزيلا
      نعم اعمارنا لا تقاس بالسنوات وانما باللحظات التي نقضيها مع الأصدقاء وخبرتنا في الحياة حلوها ومرها
      شكرا لكلامك الجميل والصادق


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