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Picture America – Recycling

I keep my reusable grocery bags in the trunk of my car. I like to use them instead of the plastic bags that are suffocating planet earth. Lucky’s Market, a new grocery shop that opened recently in my neighborhood, gives customers 10 cents for each reusable bag used. Customers can choose to deduct the 10 cents per bag from their receipt or receive a token worth 10 cents, to be denoted to one of the three charities shown in the picture below.



4 thoughts on “Picture America – Recycling

  1. I like these sort of efforts. They have a lot of them around here too, it is not much maybe but it helps!

    من باب: أضعف الايمان


    1. As they say killing two birds with one stone. Save the environment and help the children. I put my tokens in the “first chance for children” box.


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