Negotiation tutorial: Bargaining tactics is one of the best paid tutoring sites. Currently, I am watching their Business courses which include career building. Unfortunately, I can’t share their videos but found this video on YouTube about bargaining tactics. The video is a scenario of a conversation between an employee and his boss. The video is beneficial to learn how to ask and how to maneuver and manage a conversation:


6 thoughts on “Negotiation tutorial: Bargaining tactics

  1. *Caution: the management-studies student is jumping-in with both feet!* – haha. He is screaming: (SOFT SKILLS, SOFT SKILLS) :d

    Nice “simulation”, I liked it.
    Not all convos go this smoothly of course but it gives a good indication + feel of the negotiation arena.

    I liked how he ended with a positive note, a crucial point in my view. Another would be, always have different options ready. It is helpful to keep an alternative course of action in mind, not everyone will see the situation as we do, so preparing for such encounter before hand is surely good.

    Thanks for sharing Malik. It is a model video that simplifies things and that is fine for preparation purposes. Negotiation is a skill, needs nurturing and it does NOT just happen or even exist within us.

    Never heard of! 😦


    1. I thought you might like this 🙂
      I like how they identified the beginning of every speech like ‘small talk: establish a connection,’ ‘ingratiation,’ ‘persuasive argumentation,’ etc. These captions were very helpful.
      I agree negotiation is something we can learn and the more we practice the better we become at it.
      Thanks for your feedback.


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